Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Post-rationalism and more

  • Post-rationalism. Jim's Blog misses conservative religion for utilitarian reasons. Progressivism wears the religions it has devoured like a monster that dresses itself in the skins of people it has eaten. It has consumed Judaism, Christianity, and most of Islam, though the worst and most harmful religion, Islam, still lives and is fighting back. The martial Christianity of Charles the Hammer would serve our civilization well. The pragmatic, realistic, and cynical Christianity of restoration Anglicanism would serve our civilization very well, though it proved vulnerable to people whose beliefs were dangerously sincere, being reluctant to martyr them properly for reasons of mere pragmatism. Counter Reformation Catholicism would serve our civilization well. But none of these live, and their revival is unlikely.
  • Huw Richardson: Why he's not "Gay and Catholic" but rather just the first of sinners and Orthodox. Yes. Just like a few sound Catholics and the best of the gay Anglo-Catholics: it's not the sum of their being.
  • A dangerous moment with promise. Fr. Robert Sirico. Gabriel can explain how he's part of the problem but anyway.
  • Steve Sailer: "Doonesbury" promotes the UVA rape hoax. My first thought: that pretentious, unfunny cartoon's still around? Don't get me wrong: there are gentlemen and non-gentlemen of the left whose sense of humor I respect and enjoy, from the late George Carlin to a man who beat Garry Trudeau at his own game, and knew when to quit, Berkeley Breathed.
  • Dalrock: Fathers (sometimes) matter!
  • Ron Paul on the meaning of the Christmas truce. Obama deserves some credit for drawing down in Iraq and Afghanistan, though I think the official end of the war in the latter for us is just political theater, as our soldiers are still stationed there.
  • ORU's space-age architecture. Never been. I know the elite sneer at its nouveau richesse (not so much googie/doo-wop, which tries to be fun, as trying to be as serious as Danish modern and falling short), but minus that, given the fervor for Christ of many of its teachers and students, on an anti-Sixties mission, it makes me wonder: imagine if Vatican City had been built in 1965; a Counter-Reformation for the space age. And there were big American Catholic buildings like that, from churches to seminaries to convents, in the same period; nearly empty only a few years later. (We blew it.) I think the Prayer Tower's neat. Whether Oral Roberts was sincere or not, I've got to give him credit: the Holy Spirit and miracles are real.
  • I'm working again. Three weeks of "boot camp" and a Bible-sized manual, in a big library-quiet cubicle farm in a classic high-rise, to which I take the train like Don Draper used to. I love it.

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