Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Three on church

  • Bye, Anglican Communion. Archbishop Welby is about as important as the Swedish Lutheran Archbishop of Uppsala. If history had turned out a little different — if the Swedes beat Alexander Nevsky and the Russians — New Sweden (in which I’m sitting) could have become America with Swedish as the world language, etc. “Imagine the tidy bicycle trails through the Rockies.” England, its language, and its church would have been an obscure northern culture.
  • "I personally believe one could get a better Catholic education for a lot less money by attending a secular university with a high-quality Newman Center than at a Catholic college." If Newman Centers are still like my “Catholic” college’s liberal campus ministry 30 years ago, then no. I’ve long said something similar but substitute “conservative Catholic parish in town” for “Newman Center.” If I could do it over, I’d have gone conservative Catholic or secular great-books humanities (a not-too-obnoxious little preppy college; truly liberal WASP liberals if they still exist) along with Catholic traditionalist, conservative Novus Ordo or Greek Catholic parish townies, OR vo-tech such as automotive or HVAC repair: GOOD money; beats a humanities degree if you’re not going to law school. Then study the humanities for free: the Web is the greatest library the world has known. Most of the time college today is a scam.
  • Time was the Pope was a distant figure whose opinions were largely unknown to the faithful, which was good because his opinions largely don't matter. I don't watch EWTN. Mostly, to me, the Holy Father is just a name the priest whispers in the Canon at Mass and to whose charities I give my Peter's Pence envelope once a year. The media making like he can change the church just don't get it, because they don't want to.

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