Thursday, December 04, 2014

Uniforms and stolen valor

Veteran confronts fake Army Ranger at mall. Pseudo-conservative shark-chum "news" (I'm pro-military; also, the left gets awfully flag-waving when it's a war they started, which is most of them) but interesting. I recently was at the Oxford Valley Mall. What strikes me is not niceties of uniform I didn't know but that the faker (who's been busted for impersonating a cop) is obviously too out of shape to be a combat soldier, and I don't like George W. Bush's order having all soldiers wear camo battle uniforms all the time. Bring back the smart brown and tan suits and hats of World War II with brass, medal ribbons, and stripes. (The mannequin is wearing an officer's uniform.)

Related: this picture of mailmen reminds me of a down side of the independent Air Force and its "all blue by '52" attempt to boost morale, really a Novus Ordo-fication of the uniform, streamlining it for the jet age as well as making a break with the Army (the Air Force introduced its blue suits at the beginning of '49 and phased out World War II Army uniforms by the summer of '52). The same thinking that begat Vatican II. Airmen found themselves being mistaken for mailmen and bus drivers. Better to have kept the Army uniforms, hash marks, unit patches, and all, but with a color adjustment like what happened: blue suits with silvery buttons. Also, hooray for the sailor suit; guess he's a reservist.

By the way, the American priest's traditional uniform since the Council of Baltimore in the late 1800s: cassock and biretta on church property, black suit (and black fedora) and Roman collar as street wear.

When it comes to uniform, vagante clergy (they're almost all clergy) are often the equivalent of this guy.

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