Friday, January 02, 2015

A godfather of sellout American Catholic politicians

  • A godfather of sellout American Catholic politicians has died. Mario Cuomo, 82. God have mercy on him. The seamless-garment playbook, or the most dangerous lies are half-truths: bury unacceptable Catholic teaching under acceptable teaching, that being the social justice, peace, and charity that secular humanism (MAG, media and government; "the Cathedral") has hijacked and distorted, becoming a Christian heresy. By the way, I understand he was strange about the pronunciation of his first name. Apparently he'd get angry if you said it the Italian way; he insisted it was "Mair-ee-oh," not "Mar-ee-oh."
  • Gabriel Sanchez's last post of 2014. Thanks for the mention and link. I think that Orthodox ecumenists, another small group, tend to like the OicwRs (both try to base Catholic/Orthodox relations on the falsehood that we changed our doctrine at Vatican II, so nothing stands in the way of our being in "the true church" but some of our diehards) but the other Orthodox who know of them (probably few) don't, probably because the OicwRs claim to already be Orthodox. My guess: "radical Catholicism" is something like L. Brent Bozell Jr. minus the insanity.
  • Religious schisms as ethnic self-segregation. Pretty much the story of Slavic-American Orthodoxy, for example.
  • Roissy: Public-sector jobs and government stimulus are essentially a wealth confiscation and transfer from men to women. The fantasy: War On Women. The reality: War On Men.

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