Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Commuter-train dangers, space-age pop, and more

  • Ex-Army: Multiculturalism's days are numbered. The Anti-Gnostic says this: watch out when the sh*t hits the fan. France has always opposed multiculturalism in theory — their principle has always been that anybody in the world can and should become French in language and culture and values. The French revolution established the universal nature of this French ideology. If your conservatism isn't just liberalism with a 20-year lag, like me you are no fan of la Révolution. Sure, it has a universal nature, because it's a Christian heresy.
  • Speaking of that Christian heresy: Walter Brueggemann. At least the libprots will probably nice themselves out of existence; the trick is not to let them take the rest of us down with them.
  • Bob Wallace: The state is the worst serial killer. Not standard left-libertarian daddy issues. I'm pro-law and order (pro-police) and pro-military. Christian order, not "the Cathedral's" (the left, a false universal church). But be aware.
  • "Christians did not build the Cathedral." I imagine some liberals might point to their roots in English Calvinism to claim they're of the true faith, the logical successor to orthodox Christianity. So in a sense yes; it dominoed from an earlier heresy. No in the sense this now-Catholic writer argues; like what Mormonism became, it is a new thing that talks Christian language since it came from our culture, not a legitimate "development of doctrine." By the way, Samuel F.B. Morse hated the Catholic Church.
  • Ad Orientem: Sorry, liberals; Scandinavian countries aren't utopias. Even in the later years of the golden era, in the mid-'60s, Americans had a funny idea of those places as being let-it-all-hang-out (literally?) sexual, an orgy funded by the magic of socialism; the Great Society meets Valhalla. ("Free": you keep using that word but I don't think you know what it means. You all end up paying.) No, being naturally gifted including a serviceable modest, hard-working Lutheran culture made the Scandies great, including Scandinavian-Americans (zero unemployment among them, too). The few Swedes I've met have been reserved to the point of being cold, so it's not party time, certainly for foreign visitors. (A friend told me that in Norway he was talking in a normal American indoor voice but a Norwegian shushed him.) Toxic liberalism (arguably Europe's most irreligious countries now, and I've been told very anti-Catholic) but balanced with that culture of extreme reserve, so the Scandie attitude to sex is "matter of fact"; not much action but they just shrug and accept what little that happens. By the way, among the Sweden Democrat party's supporters are Christian Arabs who moved to Sweden because it's not Mohammedan and they want to keep it that way.
  • Yesterday I wrote that "England's creepy." Sorry, chaps; should have put that better. Balancing things out, you can criticize England because the English won't gun you down for it, and even during the worst of the Novus Ordo, there you could find high churchmanship, even the Catholic kind, if you were looking for it. Plus the problem I described is the same as some of the place's appeal: it's haunted by Catholicism in a way the United States isn't; all those medieval churches with saints' names. One big pond difference is in the Catholic communities and presences in the cultures; England's are deeply rooted in its own culture but in the past, having been literally forced from the church centuries ago, while America's are thanks to massive Irish, Italian, and Slavic immigration over 100 years ago (Mexican and Puerto Rican numbers now being a kind of epilogue), marking the cultures of big cities such as New York and Chicago.
  • Something to think about as a train commuter: One dead after smoke fills DC Metro station. Been on the Metro including the L'Enfant Plaza stop.
  • Thank God I don't have to drive an hour to office-park land in the exurbs anymore, sliding off icy roads, but simply walking to the train station has taught me a science lesson. Apparently water freezes on concrete, as in sidewalks, before it does on asphalt.
  • Perfect pitch may be explained by connection between two brain regions.
  • Golden-era music, or the Fifties (Elvis, et al.) were only part of the '50s: Frank Hunter and His Orchestra, "White Goddess." Where Alexander Courage might have got the idea for the "Star Trek" theme's sound; I didn't know it was part of a genre. Also used as an effect in the '80s pop song "Send Me an Angel."

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  1. I have a phrase: "But Sweden...." I may be accused of being liberal statist but the kind of psychotic paternalist libertinism that pervades the place is not how I want to live, or where I want to live.


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