Saturday, January 10, 2015

"Je ne suis pas Charlie," and what will you fight for?

  • More on je ne suis pas Charlie (nasty images): the secularists' long game. The idea of “moderate” religion is completely stupid. Moderation is good with respect to finite goods, but how can it be considered good with respect to the infinite good? Moderate religion is fake religion.
  • Hilary White: Fight 'em until we can't. There's a problem in the West, the cultural and political mega-entity that we used to call Christendom, and that the Muslim fanatics (who clearly haven't been keeping up with the news in the last 50 years) still imagine they are fighting. Will I fight and die for the disgusting, drooling, squelching anti-culture we've created since 1965? No, I'm afraid that thing is on its own.
  • Bob Wallace: Science fiction, wars, and a meaning to life. Actually the idea of parallel dimensions has become my understanding, partly from reading Fr. Seraphim (Rose) (The Soul After Death), of heaven, hell, purgatory, limbo if it exists, and, Fr. Seraphim's contribution from Russian folklore, the aerial plane ("toll houses") where the particular judgment right after death happens (where people who temporarily die, near-death experiences, go). States of being, or places that might occupy the same space as us but in different dimensions we normally can't see. (When Jesus ascended into heaven, he used an image his followers would understand.) Like Elvis (who would have been 80 Thursday; tempus fugit) I was born believing in God, and evangelicalism has enough truth to appeal to many young people, but if all I had was the '70s Novus Ordo or the modern mainline, I might have liked a clever fantasy world like Star Wars better too. The best of old movie serials, some B+ philosophy and theology with "the Force," and boffo special effects even before computers were used for them. "Star Trek" is a mainstream liberal fable I remember fondly for its mirror of the real American '60s.
  • Catholic traditionalism: It's Not About Latin™ but this from Fr. Finelli via Fr. Z is worth repeating. Getting rid of Latin has filled our churches! Oh, wait. I say if you want to attract young people to Mass, challenge them and give them something that will help them enter into the sacred and not what they have in the world.
  • The drugs doctors are paid the most to promote.

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