Sunday, January 11, 2015

Liberal vs. conservative behavior, enough of Charlie, and some free advertising

  • Gail Stephen via Ex-Army: Liberal vs. conservative behavior. The opener: If a conservative doesn't like guns, he doesn't buy one. If a liberal doesn't like guns, he wants all guns outlawed.
  • Steve Sailer: Should schools teach "personality"? They used to call it “character.” This is representative of a pervasive problem in 21st-century America: often, authority figures eventually figure out that they are dealing with the same problems authority figures dealt with in the past with more success. But they can’t come out and say it because everybody knows America’s past was Evil because racism, sexism, cisgenderism, etcetera etcetera … So let’s use a different word … because science.
  • Mario, Italian style: learning the uses of an ethnic past. The Village Voice ♥ Mario Cuomo (reverse snobbery: "Mair-ee-oh"). An Italian-American conservative writes: It does seem to try and paint Southern Italians as die-hard leftists whose current tilt to the right in American politics is due to feelings of repression by WASPish society and a desire to assimilate. I've heard this particular view time and again, and even had it thrown in my face by a liberal college professor. However, I really have a hard time believing that Southern Italians were/are supposedly so far to the left in the Mezzogiorno when all the evidence seems to point otherwise. Even today the voting patterns in the south are far more to the right then most other regions of Italy. The whole myth of the Southern Italian radical spirit seems to have largely been concocted by liberal idealists (mainly within the Italian-American community itself). And is used ironically as a weapon to try to force guilt from Italian Americans over their ingrained conservatism. As I like to say, in the Sixties the lefty vandals tried to co-opt Catholic ethnics for a while as part of tearing down the old America, feeling encouraged by Vatican II. Didn't quite work as planned: the church being the church, the libs started hating us again after Humanae Vitae and Roe v. Wade; hooray for the hard hats, Reagan Democrats, and Philly Rizzocrats; and sadly, most of the third and fourth generations are just deracinated peer-pressure liberals. But the churchgoing Catholics are conservative.
  • Granite Run: that's one DEAD mall. I was there this weekend. Morbidly fascinating to explore, walking through the whole thing. Just as well: malls are ersatz downtowns that waste resources; white elephants in the Internet age.
  • Fr. Chadwick speaks for me: enough of the Charlie Hebdo media orgy. I'm not giving any more free advertising to that rag I'd never heard of before the killings.
  • Here's some free advertising for some well-known but rather recent products that work: Zicam (and its drugstore house-brand copies; same zinc minus the markup) and Airborne. Important in this season (here in the Northern Hemisphere) infamous for huddled crowds spreading nasty upper-respiratory viruses (the closest I've been to being waterboarded). Been taking them since being particularly exposed to a virus about three weeks ago. Even after getting some initial symptoms this week (which I blame on being in a cathedral with lots of croupy people; I was in the packed pews in front to get pictures), the combo of zinc mouth spray (it numbs my mouth, which makes me think it's killing viruses) and vitamin-packed Alka-Seltzer lookalike sent the virus packing after three days with minimal symptoms. "Wisdom; be attentive!"
  • Moonshiner's 1957 Ford Fairlane is one of a kind. Reminds me of the '57 Chevy I've seen that was made just for racing.
  • The Bishop Heather Cook incident. I wasn't going to say anything because it's not my denomination and it's between Bishop Cook, God, the Episcopal Church, and the law, as in "innocent until proven guilty in a court of." RIP Tom Palermo, a father. Some commentary. I wonder if this scandal will finally make the media ignore the Episcopalians: make them stop using that little sect every time they want to take a potshot at us. Believing the modern Episcopalians' own line about being a cooler Catholicism. Probably not: TEC serves the key purpose of being the SWPL version of Catholicism. The MSM won't ever give it up for that reason. As long as TEC exists, it will be trotted out as the acceptable version of the actual Church. "Catholicism" with the values of the elite.
  • The living man without a pulse. Thanks to a new kind of artificial heart.

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  1. For most of its history, the Mezzogiorno, like Ireland and southern Spain, was one of the few West European pockets clearly outside of the Hajnal Line- essentially, a pre-medieval quasi-tribalist society where ideological considerations mattered less than blood and honor. (Tellingly, The Godfather opens with a plea for violent retribution against some men who have abused a young woman; I've heard similar bloody-knuckle revenge stories firsthand from Irish-American family and friends). Tribally-oriented people can sometimes be bribed by left-wingers, or can be coaxed to vote for left-wingers just to spite their traditional enemies, but can't really ever be true leftists themselves. When Italy was unified, it was the "sophisticated" northern Piedmontese who sponsored the revolutionary Garibaldi, not the "backward" Neapolitans (guerilla fighters loyal to the Bourbons peristed in the Mezzogiorno for many years after, and the Mafia thrived largely because ordinary southerners intensely mistrusted the secularist, liberal "Italian" government ruling over them). Likewise, the Irish were fiercely pro-monarchist until all hope of a Stuart restoration was utterly dead; only then did they begin to embrace Republicanism (my grandmother, raised in the early 20th century, even grew up singing old Jacobite songs saturated with the Cavalier reactionary spirit, though without the slightest idea what they meant).

    The same could be said, to a lesser extent, of the black and hispanic voters whose ballots keep lefty white Democrats in office. They may vote for a Dem because he promises more free stuff, or because he gives them a chance to stick it to Whitey, but there are precious few genuine leftists in the ghetto or the barrio. If you don't believe me, try waving a rainbow flag down on Martin Luther King Boulevard sometime.


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