Monday, January 12, 2015

NY Daily News: "You let the world down." No.

  • "Obama and America shamefully skip Paris march against terror." I pretty much wrote "Enough! No more Charlie Hebdo coverage" last night, but this caught my attention. I'm glad they DIDN'T support CH, which is more blatantly evil than the snobbish putdowns in The Onion (I stopped looking a long time ago) or even Larry Flynt's proudly trashy porn. I know CH is trying to get my goat, but these were/are apostate Catholics who knew EXACTLY what they were doing with their sodomitical Trinity front-page cartoon, etc. Same reason England's creepy: the ruling class knows exactly what Catholicism is (there are reminders of it everywhere there) and says "hell, no." American anti-Catholicism isn't as scary because it's not as self-aware; it's often ignorant. As Fulton Sheen said, they understandably hate what they THINK the church is. Besides, maybe it was really a march against the Euro-right.
  • A pastor allegedly boasts of beating up a boy to try to convert him. I don't know if this is real or a cultural-wars bait hoax. Seems exactly the kind of thing leftists would fake to discredit conservative Christians. That said, I like the conservative muscular-Christianity reactions to that hitherto mostly unknown French rag: maybe CH and their Mohammedan murderers deserve some "je suis Charles Martel ou Vlad Tepes" tough love. Sometimes hard cases need that. A boy asking questions doesn't. Also: evangelicals using game? Muscular Christianity because chicks dig jerks, plus a reaction to the feminized churchianity (part of the Christian heresy of political correctness) of the mainline and American Catholicism? By the way, in Catholic life I've found bully father confessors left AND right. (Thomas Merton and John Jay Hughes ran across them in the good old days.) I understand priests traditionally are taught not to do that and in my experience 99% of them don't. St. Padre Pio was special: he could read minds/hearts, a spiritual gift. And priests CAN refuse absolution if they don't think you're sincere.
  • Jim's Blog:
    • A non-Catholic take on sex and the natural law. Food for thought, not agreeing with criticizing the church as such (though of course churchmen make mistakes); Jesus is God, and you have to make clear you're talking about fallen nature (original sin, concupiscence).
    • A radical solution to jihad in the West. Christianity, the Catholic Church, is "universalist," here meaning "truth is universal and salvation is offered to all," not that all necessarily will be saved (Jesus is clear that all might not). Progressivism, a Christian heresy, remains so. Islam is likewise. All incompatible with each other: rival true faiths. The traditional solution for Mohammedans in the West: convert or leave.
  • On that note, Steve Sailer via Ex-Army: Only disconnect. Proposed: 1. Stop bombing, invading, and occupying Muslim countries. 2. Stop inviting Muslims to live in Western countries. "It's a crazy idea, but it just might work." So maybe both the well-meaning conservative Christians hoping for "interfaith jihad" working with the Mohammedans and the Christian heresy of "the Cathedral" (leftism) trying to use them to wipe out conservative Christianity are wrong (the left would end up dhimmi, eventually wiped out).
  • By the way, criticizing Muslims isn't risky. Ruled by the Cathedral, we're not allowed to criticize blacks, Jews, and homosexuals. Conservative Christianity has taught me it's wrong to pick on them, of course; the left won't let you even THINK critically about them.

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  1. I'm not going anywhere near support of the Euro-right. That said, the whole "Obama should have hopped on AF1 just for this" cant is stupid. Isn't that why we have ambassadors (and she WAS there)?


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