Wednesday, January 14, 2015

On raising kids godless, and more

  • The Imaginative Conservative: Policing the world. The American historical record. According to the Monroe Doctrine we should have stayed out of World Wars I and II.
  • Steve Sailer: The law west of Mecca. Arabia, both 1400 years ago in the time of Muhammad and 100 years ago in the time of Sharif Ali, was mostly a nomadic wilderness on the far fringe of the civilized (settled) world, one with no police protection. An attitude of shoot first and ask questions later, of brooking no insults to honor, was only practical. Without knowing much about the topic, my guess would be that Muhammad, in his time and place, was a reformer, a modernizer, a streamliner: Islam is sort of the metric system of religions.
  • Face to Face: How faithfully is godlessness transmitted from parents to offspring? Related: liberal churches DON'T keep the young; there's no incentive to stay.
  • D.J. Webb via Ex-Army: Should Britain take in Muslims or Poles? Not having been in 20 years, I understand the Catholic Church there now is largely Polish, not Irish anymore.
  • Plagiarism? Five historical cases. I'm fairly sure Shakespeare isn't news here; they were "remakes," not thefts. Didn't know about the claim that Orwell (formative; I read 1984 in 1984 and Animal Farm along with Aldous Huxley's Brave New World) was stolen from a Russian novel. Cracked doing what it does best, little-known facts including history (hooray for Nikola Tesla) and science.
  • Fire at the Second Bank of the United States! Saw the aftermath of this yesterday; the Parthenon-esque building in the national park-esque part of Philadelphia. Glad it was only a mechanical fire in the basement. I think Greek Revival was the in style after Georgian; in this city are near-twins St. George's Greek Orthodox Cathedral (coincidence; such churches should be Byzantine, not Hellenistic), which I think was originally Episcopal, and St. Luke and the Epiphany Episcopal Church.
  • Roissy:
    • The awakening. Diversity means chasing down the last (conservative) white person.
    • The real meanings of "white privilege." The Hivemind incantation of "privilege" is best viewed as a tacit admission by bitter losers that genes and heritage matter, as does self-discipline, and that they resent having been saddled with the polluted bloodlines of degenerates. Or, if they are members of the white elite, "privilege" becomes a cheat code to implicate the majority of whites who aren't privileged (in the practical sense of the word) in a conspiracy of unfair advantage, which the elite hope will distract from their 1%er inherited advantage.
    • The great men on ugly feminists. Includes H.L. Mencken.
    • The parable of the tiger and the strawberry. From a commenter: everything good and bad about Roissyanism (or poolside-ism, if you will).
  • Bob Wallace:
    • Women are not the selectors; hot people are.
    • When women become "feral" sexually, it can destroy society. When women are allowed to do what they want, they never attempt to channel sexuality into something productive and happy. Instead, it's all about increasing excessive sexual freedom and license. It's one of the reasons women can't maintain society and instead destroy it. Have you ever seen a feminist who wasn't a libertine? And when men become libertines, too, then society is teetering. And a lot of the Manosphere, in its blindness, encourages that. In many ways it's the mirror image of feminism.
  • Fr. Hunwicke:
    • Why the ordinariates' forms of worship matter to the rest of the church. A test run for traditionalism and for a form of it not necessarily in Latin, taking away a talking/selling point of the liberals and Novus Ordo neocons. Part of Benedict the Great's trifecta along with fixing English Novus Ordo (huge as it bettered the English-speaking Catholic world, not just us trads: now just like in the '50s I can go to Mass anywhere in the United States) and freeing up our traditional Mass. A granny flat for Anglo-Catholic alumni and a test run for the "Lefebvrists," like the Brits say. A-C alumni deserve a little more, such as generational married priests (like the custom in the East) and more church buildings of their own, and no restrictions on incoming priests such as admission to an ordinariate depending on how many of your congregation you are bringing with you. And don't make the Brits do Prayer Booky Masses.
    • Dr. Eric Mascall and the errors of Walter Kasper.
    • Facing east, parts one and two.


  1. Cracked lost me the other day when they featured "people who should be hated" and the top one was someone who pointed out an innocuous truth that a professional football team could face several distractions if it were to hire a media-darling out-of-the-closet homosexual.

  2. I live in a town in Hertfordshire with a large Polish population. However, very few Catholics go to mass at my parish. They mostly go to mass at another town where a Polish language mass is available. Because there are so many of them, they are catered for en masse.

    I suppose it's a shame they are don't worship with us, as I am sure their devotion would rub off on us.

    Of course, my parish is still very diverse, even with the Poles going elsewhere. Nearly half of them are Indians from Kerala. There are also a lot of Filipinos and some black Africans. And nearly everybody who is white is of Irish ancestry.

  3. John, you are cutting the Monroe Doctrine in half to justify non-intervention in WW I. Under the doctrine, the Zimmerman telegram affair was to be taken as an act of war, as it was so taken. In any event German attacks on American shipping was sufficient casus belli. The notion that by shipping to the UK we were somehow being not neutral is bunk; we claimed the right to do some from the founding of the nation.

  4. Oh, and don't forget the Black Tom explosion, an even earlier act of war.


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