Thursday, January 15, 2015

Political dynasties, failing at re-creating the '90s, and more

  • LRC: War revisionism, fascism, and the CIA. Individualism isn't the ultimate good (Jesus vs. Ayn Rand?) but point taken. The main point about World War II is the USSR won. We were only supporting players. By the way, I'm slowly watching "The Pacific." Nice to watch Tom Hanks' tribute to America's golden era and greatest generation but beware the Hollywood left's nostalgia for the war. (I've never seen Hanks' lefty acting in Philadelphia.) In which the boomers go from cheering 1968 draft dodgers to cheering for conscription bringing all kinds of Americans together for the common good. ("The Pacific" is about the Marines but anyway.) Like how Communists kept changing their minds on the war depending on Russian-German relations.
  • 10,000 hours of practice won't nullify genetic factors. 10,000 hours and genes, talent or genius; these are necessary and sufficient. If you have the talent, you still need the 10,000 hours; if you don't, the 10,000 hours are simply practicing the first mediocre hour 10,000 times.
  • Derb: The case for political dynasties. Monarchy's a natural form of government. The church says, "We can work with that."
  • Face to Face: TV: the difficulty of re-creating even the recent past. The emotional range is what you'd find in mumblecore dialogue of the present day, and the attempts at humor are also distinctly 2010s — reading wacky or self-aware lines in a totally deadpan manner. It feels more like "Parks and Recreation," only without the annoying shaky cam, and with the cast and sets dressed up in a LARPing '90s style.

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