Thursday, January 08, 2015

Pro-NYPD, and more


  1. I see that Mr. Forney hails from the Syracuse/Ithaca/Rome district and went to school even further out in the sticks, and I would further observe that Severna Park is nearly as close to Brooklyn as the author's home is. SP is, it must be conceded, the home of rich people (unlike, say, Asbury Park, but then writing in Taki is more about what passes for rhetorical flourish than accuracy), but really I'm far more inclined to take the word of someone who lives in Brooklyn than a guy under thirty with a shaved head to hide his pattern baldness and who doesn't live anywhere near NYC or for that matter any really urban place.

    Also, when you have plenty of guys actually on the force who complain about being racially profiled when out of uniform, and who get instructions to harass innocents in order to keep the stop-and-frisk numbers up, your promotion of a troll like Foster pushes you into his camp. It isn't as though there isn't a ton of documentation of NYPD misconduct; besides, the fact that they would pull the sorts of stunts that are making the news these days shows that they don't hold themselves accountable to the man who is, after all, their superior. Perhaps you look nostalgically towards the days when the police sicced their dogs on peaceful, unarmed protesters and looked the other way when political activists were murdered on their watch, but I don't.

  2. Cops are like customer service agents; people get personally angry at the man in the blue uniform or the guy on the phone line, but the root cause of what's really p***ing them off is a policy or procedure authored by some executive in a suit you never get to have contact with. Bad police departments are the result of bad management, usually by the elected officials who supervise the department. People complain about the cops being incompetent jerks, then re-elect the idiot politicians who ruined the police department in the first place.

    But hey, I'll offer the reflexively anti-cop crowd a trade- we'll abolish all police departments on the same day we repeal all gun control acts, enact Stand-Your-Ground and Castle Doctrine laws in every state, and establish broad legal protection for everyone making citizen's arrests. Now the complainers can police their neighborhoods in the fashion they see fit, and I will police mine the way I want.


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