Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Rusyn Christmas

  • Julian-date Christmas. Clip: the Gubi, a Rusyn (Greek Catholic) tradition from the Carpathian Mountains in eastern Slovakia. From here.
  • Blog: The Carpatho-Rusyns of Pennsylvania. The ethnicity of The Deer Hunter. Most Americans who identify as Russian, including as Russian Orthodox (because of schism among immigrants), are of this related Slavic stock, but many other Rusyn-Americans don't. Back home they're a micro-ethnicity, politically never a nation, but like their brother Slavs, the Roman Rite Slovaks (whose country's borders at times have been wiped off the map, like Poland's), have managed to survive. Unlike their Slovak neighbors, with whom they get along, they liked being part of Czechoslovakia, carved out of Austria-Hungary after World War I, like another Slavic made-up country that no longer exists, Yugoslavia.
  • Russian Orthodox condemn UNICEF for promoting homosexuality.
  • By the way, the Rusyns who are Orthodox (most are Catholic) aren't necessarily pro-Russian.

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