Monday, January 26, 2015

The church, games women play, and cultural/generational trends

  • Mass yesterday: Adorate Deum, omnes angeli ejus: audivit et laetata est Sion: et exsultaverunt filiae Judae. Epistle: Don't be a doormat but vengeance belongs to God. Gospel: Healing. "Si vis, potes me mundare." Volo, mundare. And: Domine, non sum dignus ut intres sub tectum meum. The church was half-full. Anglo-Catholic alumni observation: we have boat boys! Back when Anglo-Catholic parishes had kids, this was the introductory job for altar boys, as young as 7. I like to say serving is JROTC (British: cadet corps) for priests; boat boys are like Cub Scouts or even Tiger Cubs. For those who don't know, the boat boy looks cute dressed as a full-fledged chierichetto, cassock and cotta, and carries the metal "boat" that holds the grains of incense to top up the thurible. One of the best ways to teach kids and win their hearts is to give them responsibilities they can handle like that.
  • An ordinariate priest: Exhausted after my third Sunday Mass, and fourth for the weekend. I realize this is a matter of course for many of my brother Catholic priests, but for this former Anglican, it's been a bit taxing... And in two weeks, it'll be four Masses on Sunday, plus one on Saturday night... Didn't think of that. As the American church keeps shrinking, the price of Vatican II, but at the same time getting into fighting trim, slowly becoming traditional again (in Italian New Jersey, in the middle of Novus Ordo land, I've seen a young priest in a fiddleback), we now have a small corps of overworked priests, trinating (three Masses on a Sunday). Another priest: More than three? Don't ask, don't tell. "Fournicating"; ha ha. A friend has observed that the workload for married Anglican (including Continuing) priests, and the education for Continuing priests, is often about the same as for Catholic deacons. Sometimes priests resign because they treat it like a secular job; "it's not for me." Maybe not. But you can see how real burnout can happen. Also, diocesan priests, while a brotherhood of sorts, don't have the support system of living in a religious community like monks. (My parish is staffed by friars who do live and pray the office together.) Thanks, Fathers.
  • Roissy: Games women play.
  • Bob Wallace: Average IQs and below-average jobs.
  • Jim Woolsey at Libertarian Enterprise via Ex-Army: The fable of the little red hen. Communism doesn't work; there's no incentive. "The differences between liberalism, socialism, and Communism: the spelling."
  • Face to Face:


  1. it's a constant comfort that your backward thinking, myopic and truly naive wordview is a shrinking, deservedly disappearing one.


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