Thursday, February 05, 2015

A few on religion

  • Seeking an end to the 'scandalous disunity' between East and West. Well and good at face value but it dead-ends, because the Catholic and Orthodox sides (when the latter bother to talk to us) have true-church claims, which are not negotiable. Them, when they're being ecumenical (many of them hate ecumenism): "Sure, we can recognize your sacraments. Now just dump your doctrine for the past thousand years and come into the true church." Us: "Our doctrine defends the core beliefs you and we share (God, Christ, Trinity, hypostatic union, Mother of God, bishops, the Mass, and the option of images). We recognize your sacraments. Come home." They don't recognize our post-schism saints. We recognize theirs. Talking to Anglicans dead-ends for another reason: when they sound like they're agreeing with us, it's only an opinion to them. (Rather like how some Orthodox recognize our sacraments but others, legitimate in Orthodoxy, don't.)
  • Face to Face on Mormonism, interesting and on a group you can safely criticize. Indeed it's encouraged because Mormons intentionally resemble Christian Americans around 50 years ago.

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