Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A new Doctor of the Church

  • St. Gregory of Narek a Doctor of the Church? On one hand, good. As I like to say, we give born non-Catholic Eastern Christians the benefit of the doubt. That's how and why the little Russian Catholic Church venerates the post-schism Russian Orthodox saints. We include them. (They don't include us. Why I'm Catholic.) Not personally guilty of schism and I don't mind the modern view that maybe the Armenians aren't Monophysites after all; it was all a misunderstanding. The modern Orthodox favor this view. Not always so of them. Interesting: outsiders think the Christian East is one and the same, people with some learning deny those churches are the same, and indeed they have different rites (Armenians and the Nestorian Church aren't big on images, unusual for the East) and histories, and now ecumenical insiders are saying they're really the same. I can see the Orthodox and the Lesser Eastern Churches getting back together: identical church polities (monastic bishops, married priests). Like the Orthodox, the Armenians have bishops, the Mass, and an unmodernized rite. On the other hand... the heretical "Orthodox in communion with Rome" in but not of the church (they want us to dump our doctrine in order to join what they think is the true church) are having a field day with this. If the wrong people like something, watch out. The Armenian Apostolic Church are estranged Catholics; a Protestant can't be a Doctor of the Church.
  • Did gerbils cause the Black Death? Those cute Mongolian rodents, often classroom pets. Maybe science will exonerate rats, which I understand are nice in captivity. (Mice bite.)
  • From RR: Google's Blogger to ban sex sites. I feel libertarian on this one. Curtailing freedom online hurts us conservatives and Christians too. Of course Google should be free to set its own rules; but pulling a sudden, huge change in those rules on 15-year-old service is piss-poor customer service in my opinion.


  1. "a Protestant can't be a Doctor of the Church."

    Agreed but the Orthodox are not protestants.

    1. Reread:

      "The Armenian Apostolic Church are estranged Catholics [add: like the Orthodox]; a Protestant can't be a Doctor of the Church."

    2. Ahhh I see, since the Armenian Apostolic Church are, to use your phrase, estranged Catholics (like the Orthodox), St. Gregory can be a doctor of the Church. Luther on the other hand can not be a doctor of the Church.

    3. Ecclesiological shorthand: born estranged Catholics actually have bishops and the Mass, so they can be saints and Doctors of the Church. Protestants don't so they can't; not even born ones because they don't have enough in common with Catholicism. Luther was a heretic who left the church so no. That said, as a Catholic I feel for him and the Lutherans (I think a lot of us do) and like the Missouri Synod; they're our closest cousins among Protestants, not the Anglicans if you don't count the would-be Catholics they've had (that's not really Anglicanism). They're what they are on principle; they love Jesus. They're often not statists and opportunists like the Anglicans were from their start, and where they were, in Scandinavia, religion's dead, just like in England.


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