Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A pristine 1956 house, the girl can sing, and more

  • Pink is beautiful. No one lived in this house since 1956. When he moved inside? UNBELIEVABLE. I can do without the writer's attitude but what a find, plus an explanation of the era's love of pink (Mamie).
  • The girl can sing. I didn't watch the Oscars nor any of the movies nominated. (Style ended around 1967; anything I know about pop culture after 1998 is accidental.) It seems a lot of lefty-pious social-concern movies won; Hollywood congratulating itself. Saw Jersey Boys last year and loved it. But in the news I noticed a rare, sincere golden-era tribute. I knew from Lady Gaga's duet with Tony Bennett she can sing; she leaves Madonna in the dust. Showed it again with her Sound of Music medley, earning a hug from Julie Andrews. Pretty too.
  • Steve Sailer: Bob Hope invented modern stand-up (he was hip and had an active love life), but his act hasn't aged well. But "not funny because he wasn't Jewish"? That crosses the line from just-kidding ethnic pride to obnoxious. (As Sailer notes, Jewish comedians' jokes aren't necessarily timeless or universal either.) I hate the Sixties and love America, too, Commentary, but you're wrong about Palestine, American wars of conquest (retread Trotskyism), and Hope's place in history.
  • Richard Weaver: It is likely... that human society cannot exist without some source of sacredness. Those states which have sought openly to remove it have tended in the end to assume divinity themselves. Byzantium and "Reformation" England didn't exactly try to remove it; just co-opt it. Soviet Russia (co-opting short-term when eradication didn't work) and leftist America, however...
  • Pope Francis has been criticized for reportedly comparing the gender theory arguments that underpin transgender rights to nuclear weapons. My take: he's Paul VI, Part II, a useful idiot for the liberals up to a point. Pushed against the wall, he's Catholic, just like Paul on contraception. He has a quality of great men: nobody owns him. Sometimes he's dead wrong when he shoots his mouth off but nobody tells Jorge Bergoglio what to do. Richard Nixon was like that. So is Jerry Brown. Governing non-ideologically, above politics.
  • Rod Dreher: Archbishop vs. crackpot Catholics, and a liberal gentleman who makes sense. The good news — or bad news, as you prefer — is that these people’s children will not be around to annoy the future Catholic bishops of San Francisco. They will have left the Church. Their parents already have, though they don’t realize it yet. They have apostatized in place. If Dreher's a false flag (makes sense), these posts are bait to get our confidence (so we'll surrender the public square, different from being driven off it) but this is still well written.

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  1. Hope had joke-writers working for him all the time, but he certainly didn't NEED them to be funny. Jack Benny had Hope as a guest on the Lucky Strike program, and after a skit in which Benny had nearly cracked up several times at Hope's ad-libs, Benny confided in the audience that "We rehearsed that skit eight times, and Bob never said the same lines twice". Hope did a radio spot with Groucho Marx once in which they both went wildly off-script with ad-libbed one-liners, and by I think by Groucho's reckoning the bout was roughly even. I'd agree that Hope's outspoken Republicanism is part of the reason he's attacked posthumously.

    Comedy in general doesn't age well- even some of Groucho Marx's monologues are unfunny if you aren't a little familiar with 1930's slang and pop culture. Bob Hope is hardly unique in that respect.


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