Saturday, February 07, 2015

A survivor from the USS Arizona passes on

  • This week Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer announced: Retired Lt. Cmdr. Joe Langdell, the oldest living survivor from the USS Arizona, passed away at the age of 100. Lots of patriotic good wishes and of course many thanks to this gentleman from a better era and may he rest in peace, but the real story is Roosevelt let all those sailors be killed to sucker us into the war.
  • The Crusades: liberal legend vs. facts. Let's have more Crusaders and fewer Charlie Hebdos AND Mohammedans.
  • Lefty hypocrisy, or anti-Christianity disguised as religious liberty. The state schools can't talk about Jesus but they can teach Islam. Bad but at least we can still criticize the Mohammedans because of Israel (we aren't allowed to criticize blacks, Jews, or homosexuals), 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing, the Charlie Hebdo murders, etc.; they're so bad that even the left doesn't like them. Also, Christianity, unlike Judaism and Islam, has an ethic of universal love that formed our culture; after everything, our countries still don't persecute the Mohammedans.
  • But of course there are men of nobility everywhere: King Abdullah of Jordan gets tough after ISIS executed one of their pilots. Christian kings used to lead their people in battle. Now the tradition of British princes serving in the military makes sense. (Prince Philip was a naval officer for real before marrying Princess Elizabeth.)
  • Bob Wallace: Women hating women.
  • Christine's new owner writes about buying the car at auction. Her new home.
  • Decline and fall of once mighty businesses:
  • Ex-Army: Cartoon by Glaivester. So if I can be a woman just by saying I am, why can't I be black or as good-looking as Jon Hamm the same way?

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