Saturday, February 14, 2015

A trap set for conservative Catholics, and more

  • A trap set for conservative Catholics.
  • Bob Wallace: our animal nature is to be transcended.
  • Plagiarism. Citations are important in my job.
  • Iceland's pagans open temple. Real pagans or apostate Christians who made up a religion that's Christianity without Christ? Anyway: Considering that mainstream Christianity has been submerged in liberalism and virtually collapsed over the past century, I can understand these people wanting some type of spiritual beliefs in their lives to fill the void that lacking those usually leaves. I'm no pagan, but still I think that the institutional churches have been equally culpable in the rise of these alternative ones.
  • "Saturday Night Live" is 40. My feelings about "Saturday Night Live," like about the Beatles, are mixed in that the original show was very good at what it did, and the newer shows have their moments, but it's very much of the aftermath of the Sixties and pretty much a house organ for that revolution.

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  1. "Followers do not pray in the traditional sense and do not necessary believe in gods but instead, as Hilmar Hilmarsson explains, see the Norse myths as "wonderfully layered stories rich in symbolism and metaphors"."

    Sounded interesting till we got to that. Unitarian Universalist pagans. Into symbols and metaphors. Kinda pitiful.


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