Friday, February 27, 2015

Barking mad Roth and more

  • Bob Wallace: The demented Philip Roth, apparently an old perv whose writings are basically the elite's view of conservative whites, in cartoon form. Actually now mainstream (his views on Wilson and Roosevelt). At least Jewish neocons love America (grateful) and hate the Sixties like we do.
  • LRC: Libertarians and conservatives have almost always failed in modern American politics. I like this proposal and not Rod Dreher's Benedict option (let's obey people like Roth in the public square and privately be high-church and eat kale or something; be harmless by being schismatic). But I like the city, partly why I don't want to give up the public square. We Catholics once had a substantial beachhead there (the city, meeting a family: "What parish are youse from?"), co-existing (trading) with fellow immigrant Jews and our truly liberal (meaning generous) Protestant hosts. Frank Sinatra's "The House I Live In." I still like to think it's not a one-way street to indifferentism.
  • In the Christian world, or at least a Protestant Christian world, that is now Lynchburg, Virginia. Liberty University is the largest self-consciously conservative university in the world. If I were an organization trying to recruit conservative Protestants, I would set up in Lynchburg. Anything the elite hates as much as Liberty University has something going for it. (And is it really about liberty? — be honest and name it something like "Christ University.") While I don't accept Dreher's "option," and I think Jerry Falwell's political activism didn't work and probably wasn't the right approach (right: Ron Paul; appeal to the best of the old America, to freedom and fair play, rather than preaching), to this day I give Falwell and Moral Majority (no "the") credit. He tried. Like Nixon and Reagan, he was ecumenical, reaching out to Catholics, but without compromising an iota of his Baptist fundamentalism. Of his commitment to Christ I have no doubt. But the Protestants still oppose us. He was wrong about the Iraq war: well-meant conservative pro-military feeling. (The military is part of the government, of course. It's not conservative.) Interesting: in the beginning, Baptist fundamentalists shunned politics as worldly (and were anti-war as recently as 1936, among the people Roth and the mainstream call Nazis); Falwell on abortion, allegedly: "That's a Catholic issue." (Ignorant of the position of all Christians until recently? Not likely.)
  • Ron Paul: If Eddie Ray Routh had never served in the military, I’m of the opinion that he would probably not have killed anybody. He would not be imprisoned for life and Chris Kyle would be alive today. Much of the blame should lie with our foreign policy of interventionism and the VA’s faulty reliance on psychotropic drugs for treating the guilt associated with preemptive wars. I'm pro-military (and Paul, a doctor, was an Air Force officer) but he's right.
  • Three "Brooklyn men" try to join ISIS. Let me guess: they're not really Brooklyn men or Americans. It's the Mohammedan version of aliyah. It's always other Middle Eastern Muslims, not really Americans or Britons; at most second-generation. Yup. Just like the Boston Marathon bombers. "Brooklyn men": because the elite doesn't want us noticing things. By the way, historically Arab-Americans (such as Danny Thomas, Helen Thomas — no relation, Jamie Farr, Ralph Nader, and, including Canadians, Paul Anka) have been Catholics (Thomas) or Orthodox fleeing the Muslims (to be fair: Casey Kasem was a Muslim); part of the Sweden Democrats' ("Keep Sweden Swedish") base are Chaldean Catholics from Iraq for exactly that reason. Anyway, we're a free country; those three should be free to go. Just don't think about coming back.
  • Of course Russia had a contingency plan for the Crimea and the eastern Ukraine.

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  1. I've read a short story by Roth and a bit of Goodbye, Columbus. To tell the truth, I thought he was a masterful stylist. But I guess I've never read the weird or obsessive stuff, so I'm not as jaundiced as Wallace is. Portnoy holds zero attraction for me. I still think the guy is gifted, though, even if he is deranged.


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