Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hatred of the Father, Camille Paglia, and ISIS

  • Non serviam: Leftism including feminism is hatred of the Father. From Bob Wallace.
  • The Catholic pagan: 10 questions for Camille Paglia. She's no theologian but I met her once, read Vamps and Tramps, and like her. I'm sort of surprised liberal Jebbies would talk to her; no enemies to the left, I suppose. But she's not exactly a lefty, not politically correct; part of her charm. I'd think she and the betas and gays in that order wouldn't like each other. She's lapsed, and honest about it (part of why I like her), but, knowing she can't change the church, she's more Catholic than they are. By the way, among the priests celebrating my Mass, one is a living link to before Vatican II and a Jesuit. There are holdouts but that order will probably deservedly die, having mortally wounded itself with the council. Maybe Pope Francis is their last hurrah.
  • What ISIS wants. Recommended by several people. The true face of Islam and a new nation. You do not want to live in a Muslim country (#bettymahmoody and #oratepronobis).

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