Monday, February 09, 2015

Jewish neocons

I get it but the Jewish neocons who want our country to go to war all the time both for Israel's sake and to "export democracy," meaning trying to remake Iraq, etc., to fight for American big business*, not our real national security (Iraq wasn't a threat, didn't do 9/11, and was actually what we want, a secularized Muslim country where Christians were free that was willing to play ball with us; ditto Assad's Syria), are no better than Obama and, propaganda notwithstanding (to keep conservative Christians voting for the GOP), the only "choice" vs. the Democrats that Americans are given. It's their old Trotskyism in new patriotic garb. I've been out of American mainstream politics for 15 years, a Libertarian at least functionally (became a Republican again to vote for Ron Paul in Pennsylvania's primaries).

To give the Jewish neocons credit, they're genuinely grateful to America for making a home for Jews with no pogroms or Holocaust (only occasional unfairness, an annoyance); pre-Sixties immigrant true patriots resembling older Catholics that way. Second, they hated the Sixties, which is why they switched from the Democrats to the Republicans, sort of like Catholic Reagan Democrats or Philly Rizzocrats but with money and power. In their love for America they mean well wanting to turn backward Middle Eastern countries into copies of us but they're wrong.

To give Obama credit, he's an abortion ghoul but he tried to get us out of Iraq, for example.

Mitt Romney's from an old liberal Rockefeller Republican family (semi-secret: Mormons aren't really conservative) and was a try at having a good-looking gentile face/frontman for the above, maybe even good for suckering evangelicals (the Jewish neocons perhaps not realizing that serious evos know Mormons aren't Christian), who in mainstream politics have no one else to turn to anyway. Also what the Bushes really are. All nice guys personally but be aware.

"The capital of the U.S. ought not to be Tel Aviv."

Some history: Democrats (when liberals were well-meaning Cold War anti-Communists, including the Jews who became the neocons) got us into Korea and Vietnam; Republicans got us out. They lied about Goldwater wanting to blow up the world. Reagan (I voted for him) didn't escalate in Lebanon. Neither party's a peace one now but the GOP has a better track record.

*Which doesn't help the working man. The top men pocket the profits now. There really are no countries anymore; the elite now have no loyalty to us.

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