Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Left-libertarian kids are no threat, and more

  • Libertarians at International Students for Liberty conference were really liberal "social-justice warriors." Delegates shied away from issues like Affirmative Action, freedom of association and property rights to giggle about drugs, homosexuality, and other issues that wouldn’t offend your local Dean of Multicultural Affairs. Honestly, trying to be conservative AND make points with mainstream society now such as "your local Dean of Multicultural Affairs" used to be part of libertarianism's appeal to me. That and I still really do believe in peace and freedom. Nationally I still vote l/Libertarian if at all.
  • Yes, Mr. Vice President, she's pretty but hands off at least on camera. Publicly awkward, our clownish veep (not really evil like the left; just a classic Bad Catholic, as in non-practicing) does it again. Contrast to alpha LBJ who'd discreetly have sex with them. President Johnson (hee) had power; he really doesn't.
  • I have misgivings about socialized medicine but think the president's video is cute; no problem. Usually he seems humorless.
  • "Liberals have a sense of humor but conservatives don't." The gospel according to "Saturday Night Live." Roissy analyzes. Lefty "humor": "I wish the South would all f*cking die; just kidding. Can't you take a joke?" Or: "I molested my sister; hee hee." "(Gasp!) She molested her sister!" "How dare you say I molested my sister!" Give me Mencken and Chesterton over all that any day.
  • Ron Paul: "I'm not (necessarily) pro-Putin; I'm not pro-Russia. I'm pro-facts." The Ukraine coup was planned by NATO and EU… The best thing we can do for Ukraine is get the foreigners out. Right: the U.S., EU, and NATO want to stick it to Russia by turning a big chunk of its old home turf into a liberal puppet, a satellite to get Cold War about it. It's as if China got California to secede and turned it against us. (Luckily for us, it seems the no longer really Red Chinese, historic entrepreneurs of Asia, are interested in trade instead.) Here's hoping the new Ukraine becomes a Catholic-friendly but conservative Slavic state instead.
  • Marine "We Like Being French" Le Pen: The Crimea is part of Russia.
  • Puppet heroines. By "strong female characters" do you mean strongly feminine or acting unnaturally like men? Conservative point: it's about nature, not nurture. Second point: this liberal doctrine affirmative-actions women into combat roles such as carrier fighter pilot that most aren't suited for. Actual strong female: Marine Le Pen.
  • For Ash Wednesday: Is the papacy in turmoil? Dr. John Rao gives a historical overview to put things in perspective. I shouldn't be surprised but I had no idea how much, in the decades just before the French Revolution, churchmen caved to the "Enlightenment." Very few contemporary Catholics realize that the half-century before the outbreak of the French Revolution saw popes as well as literally armies of bishops weakly and willfully backing away from support for everything that hinted of reliance on “supernatural” learning and guidance, allowing for the dominance of a Poor Richard’s Almanac, “cleanliness is next to godliness” version of “natural Christianity” to take their place.
  • Britain: Senior Labour official quits and urges voters to back Ukip.
  • Bob Wallace:
  • More for Ash Wednesday: Martyrs. In the Middle East. You know what happened to all those people whose names are in the missal at the Canon? Such as Cosmas and Damian? That still happens. Orate pro nobis. Gabriel Sanchez: I can understand Catholics recognizing the 21 Coptic Christians murdered by ISIS as martyrs. What I can't understand is how they are receiving that recognition from the Eastern Orthodox. If it had been, say, 21 Greek Catholics killed, there'd be Russian Orthodox — and their Anglophone adherents — saying they got what they deserved for denying the true church and aligning with the evil Pope of Rome. Nailed it. Outsiders assume the Copts et al. are Orthodox, and the Orthodox are starting to agree; they're almost the same. But as he and others have pointed out, this is recent. All the ancient "Catholic" churches (except the Nestorians now, probably because of Anglican influence), including ours of course, claim to be the true church; Orthodox and Copts considered each other beyond the pale.

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