Friday, February 20, 2015

"Mad Men" in 1976? Also, why I'm Catholic, and more

  • A musical hint in the promo/teaser but those have been false: does "Mad Men" end in 1976? Yuck. Right into the belly of the meltdown of the culture. Jimmy Carter. Butterfly collars. Disco. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. Exactly. The '60s were better because the Sixties weren't mainstream. (Atlantic City the summer of '65 was still the '50s.) They were a novelty by a minority of people. Depending on your family and/or your part of the country, they weren't well into the '70s. Which is how/why I remember the golden era riding off into the sunset, as late as '72. By '76 the other had taken over society. Sure, you had anti-disco backlash, for example, starting in '79, New Wave begetting the '80s, but the damage was done. By the way, I first heard this song on a '60s radio the summer of '76.
  • 10 reasons I'm Catholic. Re: 4. More than a little bit of hypocrisy here with the annulment mills.
  • This week in 1965: RIP Nat King Cole.
  • Present day, another part of the era passes into eternity. RIP Lesley Gore. "It's My Party."
  • Conan O'Brien: At a showing of 50 Shades of Grey in Scotland some rowdy women attacked a man. The police handcuffed them so their plan worked perfectly. Elementary as Holmes said. If women don't get healthy headship, their fallen nature makes them go for unhealthy kinds.
  • The Rad Trad: When did they become "Orthodox"?
    • "I believe in one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church" nearly all Christians who claim any sort of apostolic origin recite on Sundays. Among them are the various kinds of Orthodox Christians of the Eastern Churches. One friend, a Russian Jew born in Orthodoxy who left after falling victim to ethnocentrism, could not quite understand why they said that they believe in the "catholic" Church while not being Catholic. But they do believe they are the Catholic Church, and Orthodox, too. The birth of "Orthodoxy" and the "Orthodox Church" is one of the minor mysteries in religious linguistics probably worthy of some level of study.
    • "Rome wants to become the state and Orthodoxy wants the state to become the church." What do we make of this passage? Is it a relic of "Holy Russia" and Slavic Erastianism? A remnant of Caesaro-papism? A common vision of the cooperation of the state with the Church in matters moral and religious held East and West, despite the separation? Evidence that state power vitiated Christianity irreparably a millennium and a half before this was written? Is it a holy goal we should still aspire to reach by grace? Speak!
    It's Catholic but they don't admit it: they share with us the essentials I list in "10 reasons I'm Catholic" above. It's not Catholic in that really they think their nations (states) and cultures are the church, excluding us. What the carping against the Pope is really about, exacerbated in America by the Slavic-American Orthodox foundational myth based on the fact that Greek Rite Catholics weren't treated well here. Their recent rapprochement with the Lesser Eastern Churches (such as the Copts and the Armenians) makes sense to outsiders (identical church polity and similar beliefs and rites) but it's historically puzzling.
  • Alternative Right: Good pro-Russian piece.

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  1. From Facebook: Signs the Diana Ross song is a false clue; it's not 1976. The kids are the same age as before. Sally would be college age; she doesn't look like a college student from '76.


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