Saturday, February 21, 2015

Married priests and more

  • Let it snow! Perfect day for it. Was out and about when it started to fall; having almost been killed on the road twice last year because of newly fallen snow, I was wary. Got home in the nick of time; the car started to slide only on my own street. Good night to stay in listening to piano jazz with my string of white lights on in the windows and a glass or two of whiskey. It's Currier & Ives pretty out; got to watch a neighbor's new puppy play in it.
  • Roman Rite Catholic priest busted for being married. This is not news. Something like this happened when Francis Spellman was a young priest. I think the chancellor of the Archdiocese of Boston turned out to be married. They say Cardinal Cody of Chicago was too. Anyway, priestly celibacy is just a custom and a rule, not a hill I'd die on. But because I'm not at seminary, I don't give it much thought, EXCEPT... having worshipped with Greek Rite Catholics and tried Orthodoxy, I grieve over the schism we caused only 75 years ago among Slavic-Americans when we suppressed their Greek Rite custom of ordaining the married. And there are the Anglo-Catholic alumni priests and their wives (conservative high-church ex-Episcopalians), now Roman Rite Catholics. Very different from what this fellow did. Liberals want priests to marry, like Protestant ministers, which neither Catholicism nor the non-Catholic Christian East do. For those who don't know, in the East, bishops are celibate and a married man may be ordained a deacon but a deacon or priest can't get married. We all follow the rule that a widowed deacon or priest can't remarry. P.S. At least Letourneau's into women.
  • Not my bailiwick but there is a point: Students turn on former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey because of "homophobia"; stained-glass window of him (of a living person?!) removed. The man who brought women priests to the Church of England. Someone has reminded me of Doc Carey's coming out in favor of euthanasia some few months ago. See what a b**ch the Zeitgeist is: you can try to ride her, but unless your devotion is total and absolute, as well as dexterous, she will turn on you and rend you in the end. Not a feat for a buffoon to attempt. Satan breaks his tools when he's done with them.
  • Columbus Antiques Mall. A favorite place. I love the music too; it's playing in their shops.

    1. Anonymous6:56 pm

      The Eastern Churches continue to abstain from alcohol during the penitential seasons but very few people in the Latin Church seem to give up alcohol anymore for Lent, Advent, etc. Of course, people generally do continue to keep the Fast as required on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, less so Christmas Eve . . .

      1. I used to give up wine for Lent. Just made me grumpy. I think everyone should do whatever penitential practice makes sense for him or her. And, as Pope Francis just reminded us, the greatest of these is charity: almsgiving, sharing possessions, relieving misery, paying one's workers a just wage.

        Just my two cents' worth


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