Sunday, February 01, 2015


  • Mass: Circumdederunt me gemitus mortus. Whoa. Candlemas is tomorrow but liturgically the Christmas cycle is already over with a door slam, preparing for Lent.
  • Sermon by Fr. Robert Hart. Traditional Anglicans' readings today are the same as ours. They claim to be both Catholic and Protestant (and thus the purest of the churches claiming apostolic lineage), the first meaning they kept governance by bishops and a sort of liturgy and vesture; otherwise they're credally orthodox Protestants.
  • The SSPX's struggle getting a closed diocesan church in the Pittsburgh area. I appreciate the bitter irony but understand the bishop's logic; born Protestants don't fall under the church's discipline like traditionalist Catholics considered dissidents. That said, I can't imagine a patristic bishop such as St. Ambrose or a modern Orthodox bishop selling or leasing one of his churches to generational heretics. (I'm fairly sure consecrated churches can't be sold, East and West; I understand many American Catholic churches are only blessed and can be.) Burke for Pope, Fellay for cardinal, Lefebvre for saint.
  • It's Not About Latin™: a priest on why the old Mass is better.
  • The Republican Party isn't as pro-life as you think, but it is more so than the Democratic Party, which is just as pro-baby murder as you think it is. Stopped voting mainstream nationally in 2000.
  • A glimpse of sanity in this mad modern world: a Hollywood celebrity marriage celebrates a pregnancy.
  • Peter Hitchens: The sinister, screeching mob who want to kill free speech (And no, I DON'T mean the Islamist terrorists in our midst).
  • "Slow Donnie": a memorable episode of an unmemorable TV series; even politically incorrect. When I happened to see this hilarity, I thought a linguist or mental-health expert could tell he was faking it. He pretends not to know pronouns but suddenly knows them when he's surprised.
  • Local places that are new favorites:
    • At the Cross Keys Business Park, Sicklerville, NJ, just down the road from Mater Ecclesiae: Carnival of Collectables Antiques & Art Mall, a new antiques/vintage mall (each "room" cubicle a little store) about half-filled so far with great mid-century items and some crafters. Friendly too. Got my go-to dark raincoat there.
    • Same complex: Peddlers Warehouse Indoor Flea Market, giving the Berlin Farmers' Market a run for its money; great merchandise and vendors, and of course it's indoors.
    • LaScala's Pronto, near where Borders used to be, on 38 in Mount Laurel. Apparently they're a Philadelphia ristorante that's expanded to have a couple of pizzerias/bistros (in Russian, быстро means what pronto does in Italian and Spanish: quickly). It follows Gordon Ramsay's formula well: elegantly simple modern industrial décor with golden-era nostalgia and famiglia in the form of blown-up black-and-white family photos on the walls (of course I'd prefer real, not even retro, old décor* but it's nice), and relatively few dishes, done very well: Italian-American favorites including brick-oven and other gourmet pizzas and red-sauce classics. And the price is right.
  • I couldn't care less about the Super Bowl or any pro sports but don't mind if you enjoy it.
*My favorite local diner has a cigarette machine by the door, but no, I don't smoke.

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