Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The church, nations in decline, and more

  • "Instead of explaining us to them, Cardinal Dolan seems to think his job is explaining them to us." Right; since Vatican II (which didn't really teach heresy) and the rest of the Sixties (when Protestant America absorbed its big Catholic minority), it's been all about arriving in mainstream society for American Catholics, including, as the Anti-Gnostic says, bishops hitching themselves to social democracy even as that form fails. But that compromised Catholicism is going the way of the leisure suit; it's burning itself out/dying off, as my now-broke archdiocese shows.
  • I try to explain us to them again, "them" here being mostly convert (most of the ones online) Eastern Orthodox. Familiar talking points for regular readers.
  • Ex-Army: Nations in decline. We've been going down since 1973, right when the Sixties became Middle America (Nixon took us off gold in '71; well meant but a serious mistake, unlike that fraternity prank/blooper reel trying to cheat in an election).
  • Face to Face: Is the rom-com queen a lesbo? I mostly don't care (your vice is your business, and "Two girls? What a waste!") but I agree that Jennifer Aniston in her prime (on the horrible "Friends," which looks like "Patty Duke" compared to "Girls," or "Sex and the City" for millennials) was at most cute, not hot, mostly admired/imitated by other girls. Interesting how David Schwimmer (born to Hollywood insiders), playing the beta from mainstream relationship advice columns, has disappeared since his show ended.

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