Friday, February 13, 2015

Unsocial millennials and more

  • Survey: College freshmen now party less and worry about money more. Not surprising to readers of Face to Face, which tracks trends in American society. Millennials aren't social (outgoing) like '80s people: cocooning, helicopter parents, etc. Worried about money? A secret: college isn't for everyone. (And read Paul Fussell on college vs. "college.") Some would be happier and richer learning a trade (like HVAC repair) starting with decent pay than going to party school for four years and racking up debt. Real college is for things like the hard sciences, like pre-med. You can teach yourself the humanities on the Web, the greatest library the world has known.
  • Another matter: the Ivies aren't so much about what you learn but the top class looking out for itself: it's about socializing (how to think and act upper-class) and networking; who you meet/who you know.
  • Steve Sailer: Eric Posner: "College students are children who should be seen but not heard." Colleges resuming their role of in loco parentis would be nice if they resume the culture and values of 1960. (Fussell: and if those going to college were just the 14% going to real college rather than the many going to "college" who need babysitting.) But maybe political correctness isn’t about controlling children, now is it? ... Another theory is that the people who were the rebels in the 1960s are the now the Establishment and they’re not about to let anybody do to them what they did to the old Establishment. When the Sixties generation passes, will American society recover like I think the Catholic Church will? (Catholics will be Cardinal Spellman's New York again but in miniature.)
  • More on Pope Francis. Knew right away two years ago he'd be Paul VI, Part II. Seems a more personable version. Up to a point he's a useful idiot for the liberals but surprise, he's Catholic after all.
  • MCJ: Proposed: a movie about Lepanto. "I’ll just be blunt about it: Lepanto would be a film about Islamic imperialism and the attempt by the Christian West to turn it back. It would depict Muslims — not all Muslims, but more than a few — as violent hegemonic oppressors intent on taking over the world." It would make a ton of money. But I think that Mark is smart enough to know that there is a reason why a Lepanto movie will never see the light of day. Roman Catholics win.
  • Ad Orientem: Pro-Ukraine poll backfires. The Crimea chose to be part of Russia.
  • Fr. Chadwick: Trolls.

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