Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Beam us out, and more

  • Radix: Beam us out. From Chronicles in '94 (noted the dated reference to bookstores; hey, we have Amazon and the world's greatest library, the Web). The elite doesn't think the rest of us have art, plus what's wrong with "Star Trek" (as I say, liberal sermons in fable form, pretending to be science fiction).
  • Nerding out about Spock. The show couldn't get its story straight. In the beginning, he had angst, making him even more interesting, because he had emotions from being half-human, on a planet where people have no emotions. Then the show's writers changed their minds: Vulcans do have feelings, maybe even stronger than ours (former warrior people), but through a religious/philosophical reform suppressed them, possible because they have psychic power we don't. Me: that's it? So he has the same psychic power as full Vulcans and pretends he doesn't have feelings, just like them? Also, I don't think beings with copper- and nickel-based blood, respectively, could reproduce. So Spock couldn't exist.
  • Cracked: 28 fun facts about the human body.
  • Face to Face: Boomers were happy to ask for and receive grandparental help, but are loathe to give it now that it's their turn. It's another case of re-writing the rules to benefit them in whatever life stage they're currently in. Being tight-fisted is one thing, but when you yourself benefited so much from asking for generosity when you were an upstart, it makes the hypocrisy unbearable.

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