Monday, March 02, 2015

Clueless about conservatism, and the "raised Catholic" speech

  • Ex-Army: Clueless about non-liberals.
  • Sean Hannity: "Conservative" means "believes in American exceptionalism." I can understand people buying that: conservatives are more likely to love people they know (family, neighborhood, ethnicity, religion) whilst liberals "love humanity" (their universalism, a ripoff of Christians' universal love and offer of salvation) but often hate people (lefty illogic: sign a petition against the death penalty/"I wish all conservatives would f*cking die"). So American conservatives are more likely to love America; liberals to push "diversity"/"multiculturalism" (distorted Christian humility and charity, plus trying to use hostile minorities as pawns in their war on conservative whites). But the current brand of exceptionalism, that of the neocons, is really a kind of liberalism (the neocons were originally Trotskyites): wars of conquest to turn the world into clones of us ("let's just give ISIS jobs"). Funny how words get twisted. Like that dumb sitcom that made Michael J. Fox a star: it defined "conservative" as "plays the stock market" for boys and "shops at the mall" for girls (Justine Bateman was pretty; brother Jason is a real talent). Likeable social conservatives? (For example, make Alex P. Keaton a newly born-again evangelical much like an upper-class young man I once worked with, an Ivy Leaguer and PCA Presbyterian convert. Actually Norman Lear already had a go at that with his typical cluelessness about Christians.) Either beyond Hollywood's imagination or verboten. That and what passes for conservatism now is really just liberalism a couple of decades ago: "we're all in the Matrix" as Bob Wallace says.
  • Derb on "girlification." It's a mad world: Marine officers-in-training (midshipmen) are being taught it's wrong to want to "be a man."
  • "Raised Catholic but." Predictable garbage always follows.
  • Truthful cartoon: Foreign policy: what both the Democrats and the Republicans want you to believe.

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