Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dominica in Palmis

Domine, ne longe facias auxilium tuum a me. We had Sung Mass without the blessing of palm leaves or the procession; maybe the blessing was at the vigil or early Novus Ordo. So we got one of the 1962 missal's changing Last Gospels, the one about Palm Sunday. Hosanna filio David. For the gospel reading, a marathon (St. Matthew's account of the suffering and death of Christ) for Fr. Matthew, who chanted the whole thing, with different tones for the different parts, like a one-man play without the annoying acting. It wore him out but he got through it and even preached afterwards, no problem. Few and overworked, our priests are troupers.

"When I survey the wondrous cross..." Our organ-playing (former sub organist at St. Mary the Virgin, New York) and hymns are very Anglican. We're not re-enactors but a living tradition (the Mass that would not die) using the best of Western high churchmanship, in the spirit of the Anglican Use and the ordinariates.

"Thanks, Anglo-Catholicism." — The Catholic Church

Ut in nomine Jesu omne genu flectatur caelestium, terrestrium et infernorum. The Greek word to describe today's epistle is κένωσις, kenosis, "self-emptying," echoing both the Passion story in the gospel and, here towards the end, the joyous procession the day more famously celebrates. (People are fickle; a case against democracy. A mob elected Barabbas.) While remaining God, the Son became a true man, on a secret mission as I like to think of it. But Jesus never lied about his mission when asked.

Book of Common Prayer translation of the collect and readings.

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  1. I can't manage to get my husband and kids up in time for the 7:00 am TLM, but we had a well-done Palm Sunday Mass here in the diocese of Arlington, VA. I pray for the stamina of our priests and deacons during Holy Week. We also had a seminarian serve, from a parish family that has given 3 sons to the priesthood.
    May the Lord bless and keep you, "Serge." May faith, hope and charity increase in us all.


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