Sunday, March 08, 2015

Don't be chumps for the New World Order, and more

  • Roissy: American Dalit. I haven't seen American Sniper but this is good. The Anti-Gnostic has made the same point: good-hearted conservative young white men, don't be chumps for the New World Order (the Cathedral, etc.). Consider channeling your natural patriotism into something worthy.
  • 50 years ago yesterday was the beginning of the disastrous changes in the Roman Rite. Neither the introduction of the vernacular or the ritual reforms that this date saw (or their successors) has led to a “flourishing” ecclesial life in the decades since. It's Not About Latin™ (those of us who were Anglican know worship can work in English) but yes. Then, most Catholics thought the partial translation and paring down/tweaking of the missal were the extent of the changes. As you can see in the picture, Paul VI's Mass (partly) in Italian that day wasn't radical (you always could do the traditional Mass versus populum). Amazingly, as Michael Davies wrote, hardly anybody before Vatican II wanted the language change. Today few want to go back to Latin, and I can work with that. Just turn back the clock like Pope Benedict started to, so you have essentially the old services with a vernacular option. (Like the Eastern churches did.) Most Catholics would be fine with that. More and more so as the liberals die of old age and unbelievers just leave the church.
  • Another libcath media darling on a slow news day. My comment with 2¢ about Orthodoxy farther down.
  • It always takes me by surprise but Saturday was that great unofficial holiday the local college kids (at Penn and Drexel in the city) celebrate, Fake St. Patrick's Day with its bar crawl. Why not the Saturday before the holiday? Midterms? Spring break? Mardi Gras customs (bead necklaces) are thrown into the mix. There are worse things. At least they sort of remember this upcoming Catholic holiday; the American version's really celebrating our first big Catholic minority succeeding here. (In Ireland, March 17 is a holy day of obligation, for the descendants of repentant pagans to celebrate the country's foreign evangelist; traditionally the pubs are closed.) Actually yesterday commemorated the greatest theologian.
  • Obama's not a "secular Muslim." Once more, Steve Sailer's levelheadedness on Obama's (non-) religion. If he's anything, he's a Unitarian (lapsed Congregationalist) with some romantic ideas about Islam as black nationalism. I never put this 2 and 2 together until now: the grandparents who helped raise him were lapsed Unitarians; his joining the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's liberal Congregationalist church (because Americans still expect their presidents to be churchgoers; good) was a kind of homecoming. He's not black: Obama switched identities in the mid-1980s from multicultural to black. Because it's good box-office politically. Won him two White House terms. As Sailer has said, he's actually one of our WASPiest presidents.
  • The tall ships will return to Philadelphia this summer. I've been aboard the Eagle, when she was here a few years ago.
  • On the folly of Daylight Saving Time. Great quotation from Facebook: Fiddling with the hands on a clock doesn't change the amount of daylight hours in a day! Like this classic: When told the reason for daylight savings time, the old Indian said, "Only the government would believe that you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket, sew it to the bottom, and have a longer blanket."

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