Friday, March 06, 2015

Marriage pros and cons, and more

  • Michael's first wedding, from The Godfather. Very Catholic romance, one of the best parts of the book and the movie. Interesting detail: it's not a big American-style church wedding. Ordinary Catholics in Italy were married at the church door, and that is probably only post-Tridentine. Remember, in the Western theology of marriage, the couple are the ministers of the sacrament. The matter of the sacrament is the couple making promises to each other and having sex. So most medieval people didn't have church weddings. They told their families what they were going to do (remember Appolonia's family? Michael had to court her, not just date her), or the families arranged it (nice ones giving the girl veto power?), and the bride's family supplied a dowry and threw a big party. It's not really about the couple but bringing two families together to continue them (children). The bride moved into her husband's home, it was consummated, and that was that. Of course that's hard to enforce (how can the church keep track of who's really married and who's not?) so later the church required a priest to be a witness to the promises part. Hence the church door for regular folks; church weddings were for rich dynastic families such as nobles. I don't know why the Byzantine Rite is different: the priest is the minister, as Roman Rite Catholics often assume. The situation in the eastern Roman Empire (which to the end in 1453 was the Roman Empire in the same sense Taiwan is Sun Yat-Sen's Republic of China) was very different from the chaotic West after the western empire fell.
  • The down side of marriage. From a divorced manosphere blogger in New Zealand. At least a cautionary tale about marrying wrong. Given fallen human nature, it can get ugly. It should go without saying, but most men hate violence against women.
  • Harrison Ford's plane crash and hospitalization. Son Ben: Dad is battered but OK! He is every bit the man you would think he is. Actors often aren't their characters (part of their talent; Joe Pesci's not a crazy evil killer, for example) but part of Harrison Ford is Han Solo; no wonder the girls are still crazy for him after 40 years. A private pilot (who's flown on charity/rescue missions), still doing risky stuff like flying a beautiful World War II training plane when he's 70-ish. Good for him and best wishes to him, his wife, and family.
  • Jesus is not your invisible magical friend. To test your religious faith, you ought to try to describe it in derogatory terms and admit that this is an accurate description. See if your Christianity can "handle" making this admission. Apologetics 101: an imaginary wish-granter doesn't have authority over/make demands on you like God does.
  • Grief counselors dispatched to San Diego after "progressive" bishop named. Condescending, unfunny joke from Eye of the Tiber. Insult: orthodox Catholics don't care about the poor. In Catholic real life, in my archdiocese that Vatican II ran into the ground (which took 40 years, a testament to its vitality before the council), my archbishop is mostly a retirer of debts, closing parishes and schools in order to stay solvent. He's sound enough that American neocon Catholics like him, but to me he's mostly just a name the priest whispers during the Canon at Mass.
  • I'd welcome a caudillo but American liberty used to be good to Catholics so I'm loath to dismantle it, and of course I don't want a Protestant state, even a conservative one (a liberal boogeyman).
  • I think Chesterton wrote that when people stop believing in God, they don't believe in nothing; they'll believe anything. Even the atheists aren't really atheists; they're angry at God.
  • Of course the aging libcaths aren't going gently. (And why should they? They think they have the truth.) Why are seminaries afraid of the Extraordinary Form? Glad I don't have to take that crap as a layman. I go to my Mass and the churchmen get my collection envelope and leave me alone.
  • Homosexuality: My view's unchanged in 40+ years, as I was taught by... an evangelical. Don't pick on homosexuals; they have a problem, and as long as they're not harming you, it's their business, not yours. What's happened in my lifetime is the culture warriors of the left have progressively desensitized Middle America to this matter. From bawdy jokes making fun of homosexuals, in the '70s and '80s (it sounded un-PC but it really wasn't; sort of like before PC, "liberated" guys were skirt-chasers, all to undermine "bourgeois" stuff like marriage... like some manosphere guys), the mark of a hip, "liberated" person, forcing people's attention on the issue, to what we have now, where you're forbidden to criticize homosexuality and forced to say it's normal and good.


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    1. As far as I know, nothing to do with this post, except the manosphere indirectly, and "not my world." To me, games on machines are pinball and maybe Space Invaders. Anyway, it seems a case of all being partly in the right and all being wrong. A girl's game (which doesn't sound that fun) was overrated partly because she's a she and partly because she was having an affair with a journalist? I don't know any of the men in the computer-game business but my impression is they aren't really woman-haters; maybe some are.

  2. Had to ask because it seems the Cathedral has now dragged the Gamer community into the War not theirs. Thanks.

    1. Based on what little I know (stopped consciously following pop culture in 1998; style ends around 1965), it makes the Cathedral look like bullies, picking on a bunch of non-threatening guys (mildly autistic computer geeks?) who can't or won't literally fight back. Like when they got Dr. Matt Taylor to cry an apology because they didn't care for his shirt. (He flunked a sh*t test in front of the world.)

      (The sexual revolution: no more wives for nerds; clear the nerds off the playing field so it's fornication heaven for alpha players and girls riding the carousel until their looks go. So, the Cathedral thinks, how dare Dr. Taylor show a normal interest in sex, his sartorial taste notwithstanding? If an alpha smoothie wears that shirt, it's edgy and cool. If a science geek does it, "RAPE!")

      The gamer story seems made for the modern media, complete with an attractive girl as the alleged victim, out of central casting.

      If anything, I assumed boys who write and play these computer games are politely politically correct, but also that writing exciting computer games is largely, naturally, a male talent.

  3. Interesting words about marriage. From my research of the Middle Ages, the basic marriage ceremony included the exchange of vows at the doors of the Church, because that could also happen elsewhere, such as at home. (Almost like baptism happened near the doors of the Church or in a separate building, the baptistry.) Then the couple would enter the Church and process to the altar where the nuptial mass would be celebrated and the couple would receive the nuptial blessing. A large veil was placed over the couple as well as any children of the union, who would then be legitimized. A big part of marriage, which could determine whether the marriage was valid or not, was the announcing of the bans. The bans had to be announced at least three times at Mass or at one of the Hours before the marriage could take place. Customs varied from place to place, of course.


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