Thursday, March 05, 2015

Spoiling for a fight in the Ukraine that is not ours, and more

  • American military instructors arrive in the Ukraine. Oh, sh*t. Not. Our. Fight. What if China got California to secede from the Union, then put military advisers there? Obviously the U.S. and EU want a liberal puppet in Eastern Europe to stick it to Russia, which they hate for not being liberal. Again, here's hoping the new Ukraine is a conservative Slavic state, a Catholic-friendly little version of Russia. By the way, Metropolitan Sviatoslav, cozying up to the U.S., EU, and pluralism (being all nice and PC by defending freedom of religion, not the faith) doesn't promote the faith; that's not why your church heroically went underground under Soviet rule.
  • 25 maps and illustrations about the English language. Our clanking Germanic language, which has been partly Frenchified; America sounds different because English sounded different in the 1600s when it was settled.
  • A requiem for Richard III. Too bad the Anglicans have stolen his bones. Even though last century our Catholic community was bigger and more lively than England's (not anymore but it has left its imprint on our culture), England obviously used to be a Catholic country, with little reminders of that everywhere (such as the names of its old churches), both part of its appeal and part of its problem. The elite know what the church is and say, "I will not serve."

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