Friday, March 13, 2015

The case against raising the minimum wage

Somebody else writes:
When I was struggling to put myself through college, I worked part-time at Burger King. I worked a 10-hour shift on Saturday and another on Sunday. Then the government raised minimum wage. My boss cut my hours from 20 to 15 but expected me to complete the same amount of tasks. And it got harder because he didn't hire new people when they were needed. The restaurant had previously let employees eat lunch for free, but we lost that. In other words, the restaurant made up for the slight wage increase by cutting our hours and benefits, making life harder for us. They also raised prices across the menu, thus screwing the consumers.

Some would object that no one can support a family on today's minimum wage. But isn't that exactly the point? In the American economy, minimum-wage jobs are meant for high-schoolers and college kids trying to make extra cash, disabled or retired people supplementing their Social Security, and bored housewives who want to earn some spending money.

Nowhere does the Constitution guarantee that you can support a wife and kids flipping burgers. Working-class adults have been forced into minimum-wage jobs as their main livelihood because the politicians have wrecked the economy.

If politicians really cared about Americans who earn low wages, they'd stop forcing American workers to compete in the wage market against illegal aliens. They'd stop killing jobs by constantly obstructing the oil industry. They'd stop killing job-generating small businesses with Obamacare. They'd stop exporting our industrial and agricultural jobs to Communist countries.

So let's stop pretending that the champions of a minimum-wage increase are the heroes of the poor. They are merely throwing crumbs from the table to the poor in exchange for political gain. What the working poor in this country need isn't a better wage in their dead-end menial job. They need a better job in the first place.
In the West there really are no countries anymore; our elite has no loyalty to us.

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