Sunday, April 05, 2015

A Catholic case against Christianized seders

Today's Mass, both the Christian Passover and Christian temple sacrifice, making present the one offering of our one priest and victim: Resurrexi, et adhuc tecum sum, alleluia.

Why Christians shouldn't have seders.

I'm inclined to agree because this issue was settled in the Book of Acts. Christianity isn't Jewish anymore; the new covenant replaces the old. (Before 3 p.m. Good Friday the head of the church on earth was Caiaphas; afterwards it was St. Peter.) But I give good-hearted evangelicals credit, even though they seem to have edited out this part of scripture. Mainstream society including most Jews accuses them of being anti-Jew; on the contrary, because of their reverence for the people of the Old Testament and of Jesus, many are the biggest Zionists and seem to hold Jews in the same regard we do the saints. (Many Jews hate them but are willing to use them for Israel's sake.) They think the old covenant is still in force so Jews have a hotline to God (ironic since the German "Enlightenment" hit them late but hard; many are unbelievers); the new covenant is for gentiles like them and us.

Happy Easter!

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