Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bruce Gender, burning Baltimore, and more

  • Bruce Gender, burning Baltimore, and more. Takimag's Week That Perished.
  • Before The Godfather, a lot of movie gangsters were actually Jews making fun of Italians. A lot like Sacha Baron-Cohen acting out Polack jokes for 90 minutes as Borat.
  • How and how not to run a business.
    • Just changed shoe repairmen. My new guy is a little farther away but worth it because he puts on a professional show. The old guy, in my town, has the hippie ethic, in other words slothful and arrogant. He thinks he's the only game in town (and he's close on that) so he can treat you any way he wants. He's very good at re-soling shoes but he opens his shop when he damn well feels like it, even though he advertises regular hours, and if he's not done on the day he said to come get your shoes, tough. He'll make you wait half an hour or more. Addio.
    • When one of my wardrobe workhorses, one of my 50-year-old suits, got a hole in a pocket the first time, I went to a snotty Main Line tailor (non-WASP) who charged me a U.S. Grant and made me wait three weeks. Now I get it done in three days for $6 at the Korean cleaners in my neighborhood.
  • RIP Jayne Meadows Allen. A beauty: another part of the golden era passes into eternity.

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