Friday, April 03, 2015

Good Friday headlines

  • Ex-Army: Hatin' on Hoosiers. "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone" sounds good to me.
  • Pat Buchanan: Meritocracy, not "diversity." "Heredity, rather than environment, determines intelligence."
  • Is using Wikipedia legit? Yes but: Wikipedia is not a primary or usually even secondary source — it's a tertiary source providing you with overviews to orient yourself in a subject. Wikipedia's individual facts are cited from published sources. You don't cite Wikipedia; you cite the papers and books that you see cited in Wikipedia or elsewhere and then examine for yourself.
  • RIP Mar Dinkha IV. In a small field, Eastern churches in the U.S., but historically significant as the Nestorians, from what's now Iraq, are the only historic Eastern church now based here (in Illinois); an American patriarchate, but still immigrant/ethnic of course. (There's the OCA, likewise small, as most Orthodox in America are Greek, but some say it's still a branch of the Russian church.) Also interesting: the pan-Eastern bromance, maybe a sign of Eastern Christianity being a tiny minority here. Official positions and common knowledge are coming together as, more and more, non-Catholic Easterners think they are one group. (The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Also, identical polity: traditional rites and married priests but celibate bishops.) Most Orthodox would not be offering prayers, etc., for a Greek Catholic patriarch, understandable given the true-church claim (just as the Pope wouldn't celebrate a public Requiem for a deceased Orthodox patriarch) but historically the Orthodox were thought to have less in common with the Nestorians than with us fellow Chalcedonian apostolics. I don't have much of a problem with the idea that it was all just big misunderstandings so the Lesser Eastern Churches (Monophysites and Nestorians) aren't heretics after all. Like the Orthodox, they're "Catholic," meaning they meet our criteria for valid holy orders: credal orthodoxy so basic (God is one in three; Jesus is God) that they pass, true apostolic succession (bishops), not just claimed succession (some high-church Protestants claim it; they think it's neat but not essential), and orthodoxy about the Eucharist (Christ's sacrifice, being commemorated today in the Roman Rite, made present by the priest, and a complete change of the bread and wine into Christ). By the way, Iraq is a rare case where an Eastern Catholic church, the Chaldeans, is bigger than its church of origin (the Nestorians); the Chaldeans are the country's biggest church.
  • The idea of "self-ownership" can go too far (the church: God's in charge, not you; like the centurion we are all under authority), and left-libertarians are really just liberals, but as a working philosophy this appeals: Libertarianism recognizes that every human being is an individual, with their own wants, needs and ideas, who has the inherent human right to pursue whatever it is they desire in life to the extent they desire, as long as it does not impose upon another’s will to do the same. These individuals are both free to pursue, and responsible for, their own happiness and well-being. Those who espouse libertarian ideas seek voluntary, non-aggressive solutions to problems and to social interactions. That’s it. That’s my working definition. There are many others. From a girl writing snark about socially awkward libertarian men, part manosphere common sense, part mainstream relationship advice.

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