Wednesday, April 29, 2015

GOP hypocrisy and more

  • Takimag: The GOP's Rush to suicide. What Limbaugh said is great but it's hypocritical of the party.
  • Bob Wallace: Feminism was born of boredom, not oppression.
  • The Anti-Gnostic:
    • Read it, learn it, live it: the cops ain't comin'.
    • Ron Paul's strangely pedestrian rant. Contrary to Dr. Paul's jeremiad, Social Security and Medicare have become one of the few effectively populist programs keeping the elder-middle class afloat. The commenters at the OP point out Dr. Paul's most hilariously obvious omission: the government's unrestrained immigration and deliberate social atomization. Libertarians, it seems, have their own sacrosanct Narratives, as Dr. Paul blithely criticizes one of the few government programs which allows the serfs on the tax farm to put some of that money back in their own pockets. What's intriguing to me is how all the democratic, conservative and libertarian Narratives are now converging around the same set of universalist ideals: diversity is a good, in and of itself; culture is just individual preference, to the extent it exists at all; multi-national business entities are tempered by pure competition and won't engage in self-aggrandizing behavior. It's almost as if a single elite stratum is funding all the various political outlets in this byzantine scheme to set the terms of the debate, you know?

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