Friday, April 17, 2015

One quarter of American women are on psych meds

Bob Wallace, a smart red-pill guy but a manosphere critic (an unbeliever who agrees with the church that much of it's sinful, plus there's no such thing as alpha dogs):
One quarter of American women are on psychiatric medication. I have found they get this way this way when they lack husband, home, and children — then they blame their lack on men. Then the men run because of the attacks on them. The problem gets worse. This feedback system can be broken by attacking the weakest link only I don't know what it is.
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Sure explains foreign mail-order brides (better, of course: meeting a nice girl while traveling abroad, or even going expat; I understand South American women are nice; lower cost of living so if you have an income and know Spanish, you're in), MGTOW, and even, ew, sexbots. The women Bob describes spurn the geeks but don't want anybody else (Haruko or Natasha) to have them either (they wish the geeks were dead, but they live off their funds); fallen human nature. ("I don't need you!" "Fine. Susie, this is my waifu." "LOSER!")

Modernity's (MAG, the Cathedral, political correctness, feminism, egalitarianism) doctrine teaches women they're supposed to want something they naturally don't (be a macho executive), while putting down the things their instincts scream at them to have (home and husband, that is, marry a macho executive and bear and raise his kids). The corporation and state as your sugar daddy and fake husband ("I don't need a man!"*) just don't cut it in the long run when you end up alone (the lie of "Sex and the City," a rotten show: "me and my BFFs"; unrealistic expectations of single life like the milder but still toxic "Friends"). (Sure, all of my references are dated. I didn't really follow these then and don't follow the new stuff. I watch what you think I do: the news and old movies and TV shows, from "Sea Hunt" to Danny Thomas; "Mad Men" being the exception for obvious reasons.)

*Meaning no boring nice-guy provider husband; rather, "the carousel," a continuous (contracepting and aborting) party with charming jerks ("sexy strangers"; instinct — going for a man with strong genes — but knocked off kilter) until your looks hit the wall and/or your ovaries dry up; the nice guys, plural, pay for your life but you don't have to have sex with them. "Sex and the City": women imitating men at their worst ("women who act like gay men," or "is this about three hookers and their mom?"), which again doesn't come naturally to them. Or eatpraydump the beta after you've gotten the kid you want (the Leif and "conservative mommy blogger" Jenny Erikson story, or joining a conservative church doesn't make you immune), live off alimony, etc., from him, and keep riding the carousel for a while.

"It takes all kinds," or a down side to the "beta," etc. labels Bob hates: even Roissy agrees that around 1960, average nice guys and girls were glad to have each other.


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