Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pascha with Putin, pinup models, and more

  • Putin goes to church at Easter; of course he ties religion with patriotism. Which has its place but the state never owns the Catholic Church. He's in schism but this new Constantine is one of my heroes; our chief executive is very much not.
  • Britain is one of the least religious countries in the world. Creepy because it obviously used to be a Catholic country, centuries ago. I would have put Britain second or third behind the Scandinavian countries. Australia's in the top five; Canada in the top ten. Basically, English Calvinists, including America's founding fathers, lost their faith at the "Enlightenment." So British countries are a ground zero for this stuff.
  • Understanding Anglicanism. Besides the Erastianism, one of its features, not a bug. William Tighe (a Catholic, in the Ukrainian church by choice) and the Conciliar Anglican's Fr. Jonathan Mitchican (an ex-Catholic) have explained Anglicanism to me so, years after leaving, I understand and respect it for what it is, not what I thought it was or wanted it to be, even though I don't agree with it. An unusual version of mild Calvinism that kept governance by bishops. Then there's the matter of "true" Anglicans being the ones whose bishops are invited to Lambeth (so the Episcopalians are in, like it or not), but that's recent and not all real Anglican bishops went to the first conference! So it almost comes down to Catholic Bill Buckley's joke: an Anglican is whoever says he's one.
  • Finland's schools are among the best not because they're laid-back and liberal, which wouldn't work here. It's because they're advantaged on average because they're Finnish.
  • Big Mother FlyING Car Show pictures. Most of mine are up; a pro, Brian Hughes Photography, took pictures of the rockabilly pinup models, featuring one of my favorite cars, a '58 Pontiac Star Chief (still with its second or third owner, Jim Vertolli, who got it from his dad's dealership in Vineland, NJ, around '65). Of course I realize the tattoos say that to them it's camp/kitsch, but there's beauty and talent in the photos all the same.


  1. One photo of Putin that I saw showed him standing with children and parents, the women covered, so obviously in the church, but, very strikingly, no bodyguards. Maybe they were all off camera, but I wonder if a US president would even pose without them around him in such a setting with "the people".

  2. Thoughts on this? I happen to agree with some of its points. http://www.traditioninaction.org/Questions/E048_Putin.htm

  3. I always thought Anglicanism was a compromise between Protestantism and Catholicism so that England could have a "come all" type of state church to help hold their country together.

    1. In a way. The king liked having bishops. So his church kept them (in a way; we don't recognize them because succession without orthodoxy on the Eucharist is meaningless), the creeds of course, and the idea of a liturgy (but not a Catholic liturgy). Hence the classic Anglican claim "we're both Catholic and Protestant," thinking it's the best of both, the purest form of ancient apostolic Christianity, pruned of medieval accretions to return to the Bible.


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