Friday, April 10, 2015

Showbiz headlines

  • Hamm hazing? Jon Hamm, who portrays Don Draper on the hit AMC series "Mad Men," helped brutally initiate a male student in 1990 and was charged with hazing while he was a member of the subsequently disbanded Sigma Nu fraternity at the University of Texas at Austin. Pictured, Jon Hamm in the university's Cactus Yearbook's 1990 edition. The expected reaction: Figures. Popular kid is jerk (chicks dig jerks). In other news, sun rises in east. But you shouldn't jump to conclusions. The story just says Hamm was in Sigma Nu and was charged; apparently he wasn't convicted. By the way, Roissy reports that Hamm is "a PC p*ssy" in real life; that and bullying aren't mutually exclusive. And hazing is too dumb for Draper.
  • The show's only good guy. Hamm's right that Draper's a miserable drunk but he's catnip for chicks both on the show and among its few viewers (the elite likes it so it's influential despite few viewers), and that Ken Cosgrove, a blond seldom seen (because good guys aren't good soap-opera story lines?), is the real catch for them. Loved the revenge in "Severance," the most recent episode. He deserves that. It wasn't evil; Ken's not. Just fitting. Also, he's a man: as sweet as his wife is, he won't live off her family's wealth (but nothing wrong with it as backup, such as getting him the connections to get him his new job).
  • "Mad Men" is a Jewish show even though there are no Jewish main characters. Because of Matthew Weiner. You know my line: a lot like Norman Lear's intent with "All in the Family," he means to celebrate the fall of the old gentile America by elaborately re-creating it like a piñata; the nostalgia's (obviously why I watch) probably unintentional. (Seeing Draper as a hero; sales of Canadian Club and Lucky Strike going up; echoes of what I wear in modern fashion.) Like I said, I'm not taking his victim bait just because Ken dislikes Catholics (Ken called his old agency "black-Irish thugs"); Ken has faults like a real person. Steve Sailer explains the Jewish angle: Weiner didn't grow up a victim (his dad was a doctor and he went to prep school), and a lot of dramatized American anti-Semitism is really a depiction of the older, assimilated German-bred Jews (who started country clubs, for example) historically discriminating against Russian Jews.
  • Barry Manilow's "married"? I only read of the gay rumor a few years ago. He's like a latter-day Liberace: similar female fans. Again, not taking the bait. My line remains "as long as he's not harming someone, it's his business, not mine." He's made great pop music over 45 years (I recommend 2:00AM Paradise Café, jazz pop for grownups and I understand his favorite of his albums). Regarding the plastic surgery, he doesn't look bad, just different. Very gentile-looking now. Understandable given the anti-Semitic-sounding vicious comments about his looks 40 years ago.
  • "No homo." The narrative preaches nonstop now that gay is good but male friendships are demonized.
  • Ex-Army:

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