Saturday, April 04, 2015

St. John Paul the Overrated Day in Canada, and more

  • St. John Paul the Overrated: Canada declares April 2 Pope John Paul II Day, the anniversary of his death. Liberal Canada likes JP2? "A champion of human dignity and freedom." I see; as "a defender of faith," not of the faith. The right people, the liberals, hated him, a backhanded tribute to his generally being on the right side of things, and he gets partial credit for the fall of Communism because of his moral authority as a world leader, but under his watch the Tridentine Mass was still largely suppressed (conservative Catholics were told to imitate Pentecostal Protestants instead; now-passé ecumenism), he kissed the Koran, and he sold out on altar girls. In the '80s, conservative Novus Ordo was arguably more hostile to us than were the liberals, who at the time were comfortably secure in their power over the church locally. So I will never have a lick of devotion to the man. Which you can do as a Catholic: I recognize all of our saints but am personally devoted to few. His feast day is Oct. 22, the anniversary of what would have been his coronation.
  • The Ace of Spades on "we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone" and on work manners vs. the rest of life. A salty rant.
  • Fr. Longenecker on the fight in Indiana between heartlanders and homosexualists: What's gone wrong in pizza-parlor America?
  • No president can change our trajectory. Jeff Culbreath quotes Dennis Martin. You probably know my line: if it comes down to persecution, be it from our own apostates in the West or from the Mohammedans such as ISIS, make a retreat with honor like the Ukrainian Catholics under Soviet rule (truly going underground in modern cities), not Rod Dreher's schismatic Benedict Option, which is more like the Russian church's accommodation to the Soviets.

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  1. I am Canadian and I do not care what you think about John Paul II. I love him to death! He had a great influence on my live and very positive one. You are trying to take away from him the importance of his religious integrity and strong faith. Church was on the good waters under his command, not like today... TOTAL MESS AND APOSTASY... So, instead of chipping away from the man whose spirituality you most likely never got, you better focus on this horrible pope who will bring us a schism... Just wait and see...


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