Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The a**hole factory and more

  • Part of what's wrong with America now: The asshole factory. Our economy doesn’t make stuff anymore. So what does it make?
  • "Time and Life," the latest "Mad Men." Way to flip the script! We love to hate Pete; we don't HATE him, because he's well-crafted, not all evil or a cartoon. One minute we're cheering for good-guy Ken getting back at him and Roger, then in a moment we're cheering for Pete punching out that snotty headmaster. Cue "Scotland the Brave" on the bagpipes! Maybe ethnic Scots can educate me: was that clan feud (MacDonalds vs. Campbells) still going on in America in 1970? Is it still? Also, a reminder: Scots are not WASPs. Those are the ethnic English; even part of England, Devon and Cornwall, isn't English but Celtic like the Scots, Welsh, and Irish; until the 1700s they didn't speak English. Of course after centuries in America, Pete's family would be at least part WASP. I like Trudy: Alison Brie is adorable and Trudy is one of the show's only nice adults, Ken being another. Anyway, the corporate intrigue was fascinating too.
  • Did the Archbishop of Chicago give Communion to the non-Catholic governor of Illinois? If so, his mistake; nothing to do with our teachings. The governor is a public figure; Archbishop Cupich probably knew better, which would deserve a public rebuke from Rome in order to teach people. Anyway, it fits the whole "AmChurch" nonsense since Vatican II: fulfilling American Protestants' dream of separating us from the pesky Pope ("Roman dictator" as the KKK used to call him), turning us into a Protestant denomination. The Episcopalians have long dreamed of thus absorbing us, hence taking in Italian schisms, backing the Polish National Catholic Church, partly supporting Slavic Greek Rite schisms to Orthodoxy (lending them churches), and "Hispanic outreach" now. (Anglicans like the Orthodox but don't take them seriously; they probably know they're illegitimate so they cozy up to the Christian East for the appearance of validation: "Catholicism minus the Pope." Those churches of course only recognize themselves really.) Can you imagine a WASP governor in the '50s going to the altar rail at St. Patrick's or Holy Name and the cardinal (such as our late lion, Cardinal Spellman) giving him Communion in the spirit of the American way? Me neither. Both Catholics and WASPs had more integrity then. By the way, some information from a friend in Spokane: Cupich was a terrible bishop. He had a Native American smoke ceremony during his instillation, he was politically left, he banned the priests, deacons & seminarians in the diocese from praying outside of abortion clinics or being involved in any pro-life activities, and our seminary went from burgeoning (25 young men studying for the priesthood + 10 older married men in diaconate formation) to 2 guys. Liberal Christianity does not impress secular liberals and drives away the devout. The civil war in the church is far from over but Pope Benedict put us on the offensive. Right. And of course, we know how the story ends ultimately! The gates of hell will not prevail against Rome.

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  1. I do not understand the fury with which some conservative Roman Catholics attack the practice of communing non-Catholics in this instance.* In Catholicism, it is not a sacrilege to commune non-Catholics (if so, why does Canon 844.4 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law permit this practice in certain cases? Can sacrilege ever be permitted?). The Cupich Holy Communion dust-up in Chicago is a debate about licit application of canon law (i.e. governor did not meet the requirements of licit admission to Holy Communion) not the violation of an intrinsic doctrinal and sacramental teaching, such as would be the case if the Orthodox teaching of not administering sacraments to those outside the Church were still shared by Rome.

    *Does the "sacrilege" refer only to the pro-abortion stance of Gov. Rauner?


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