Monday, April 06, 2015

The show: the resurrection of Don Draper

A few notes/spoilers as I watch the "Mad Men" episode "Severance":

Still just after the golden era but not full-on Sixties/'70s: my guess is still '69 or maybe '70 (awful wide ties and lapels and loud shirts). When did L'Eggs come out? I remember but don't know the date.

Roger's Sixties-ed out with long hair and a mustache but Don still has his pomade and hat, thank God.

"You're not just smooth. You're Wilkinson smooth."

Don's a Manhattan playboy. Megan's just about history but Jessica Paré's still in the credits.

"Dear Penthouse Forum..." Diana the waitress is one of my types. Guess "I know you" and "my name is Don" are all the game he needs. I was expecting a twist like Diana was really Midge, his mistress in '60, or even Rachel Menken Katz living incognito, very soap-opera.

A we-know-better feminist morality play with the still ferally sexy Joan and Plausible Deniability Peggy (the one the hip girl viewers pretend to identify with). At least the story line's interesting (trying to save a client, a L'Eggs rival, by going upmarket to Macy's). And fashion's been kind to Peggy.

Ken has lost his eye for good and now has been sacked. One of the show's only good guys. Deserves sweet revenge.

Update: Don calls Megan his ex-wife but they're mid-divorce.

Ken's still one of the good guys even if he doesn't like us snappers (partly why McCann had him fired). More a fault than a vice. He's not evil. I'm not taking Matthew Weiner's we-know-better victim bait.

Peggy's romance is charming.

It's April-May 1970.

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