Sunday, April 26, 2015

The weekend

Meet me at the Diamond Diner: champagne '63 Impala, Hainesport, NJ.

Not shown: Jamaican jerk chicken with spiced beans and rice at the Berlin Farmers' Market. Also, the Medford Lanes all-stars in a no-tap tournament but they're so good they don't need no-tap: four- and five-baggers.

New old stuff from the Town Talk flea market, Delaware County Community College.

All the man who sold me this glossy photo knew was he got it at an auction. The piece of cardboard protecting it just says "Marilyn Monroe 1954." She's so radiant here, sitting in a car giving an autograph. Got the frame separately.

I don't smoke but this ashtray design is the next best thing to having a boomerang or kidney-shaped pool.


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