Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ugh, "post-Christian." And more.

  • The Anti-Gnostic: The culture war is over. We lost. So what do we do about it? Regular readers know my line. A friend anonymous online (smart considering the oppression; the other side, now in charge, forces you to apologize then ruins you anyway) has explained Rod Dreher to me; I don't hate him but his Benedict Option is a Soviet-style surrender. Better the lesson of the Ukrainian Catholic Church under Soviet rule. They didn't surrender; they went underground in a modern society.
  • Some Eye of the Tiber satire that gets it right: San Francisco Catholics petition God to remove Jesus from the Trinity, because they're more righteous (defending the oppressed and the outcast) than he is. (Referring to attacks on Archbishop Cordileone.) A perfect answer to the mainstream media (MAG, media and government; the Cathedral, etc.) game "Survey Says," attacking the church: "Rome says this, but OUR SURVEY of American Catholics says THAT, so take that, you celibate weirdos!" (They wish the church were a democracy like a Protestant denomination.) But that they care so much about a church they ostensibly don't believe in is a backhanded testimony to its having grace and the truth.
  • The French spoken on "Mad Men." Not speaking it, I didn't realize the English (French name?) Julia Ormond (the magnificently nasty Marie Calvet) can't speak it, or least sound like a native speaker. I thought I picked up that the characters sound more continental than Québec. (Megan's parents are supposed to be from France; Jessica Paré really is French-Canadian.) Also, "Calvet" is not a French-Canadian name (again, the father's supposed to be Parisian or something like that), and no way a Québec girl Megan's age would be named "Megan." (From the comments: it's as if, tin-eared, the English Lane Pryce sounded like he was from Atlanta and the lead characters were, anachronistically, Liam Draper and Ashley Olson.) By the way, Peggy's supposed to be a Brooklyn girl; where's her accent? They should have made Peggy Midwestern.

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