Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Boring Christianity, 15 kinds of American conservatives, and more

  • Maybe Christianity in America is dying because it's boring everyone to death. Complaining that churches aren't strict enough sounds holier than thou, and I like to say Catholicism is not a cult; it's not fundamentalism. But this still has a point. And: there's liberal high church (the Episcopalians), not on the mainstream media's radar. "The Cathedral" of political correctness can "do" traditional and solemn (and credally orthodox), and be impressively steeped in history; interestingly, that doesn't get many new followers. The kids see the same secular humanism they learned in school, cut out the middleman, and do something else on Sundays.
  • From Kathy Shaidle: 15 kinds of American conservatives. A history lesson.
  • Of course mainstream liberals who've heard of MGTOW make fun of it. Good old shaming. A search of this blog will show you I've criticized MGTOW (Peter Pan, selfishness, and you'll end up alone in your old age) but you can still learn from it.
  • Bob Wallace tries to rebut the idea of female hypergamy. Actually the manospherians I read agree that in themselves being handsome and/or having a million dollars don't necessarily make you an alpha. A ghetto thug can be one. It's in the attitude. Hint, also courtesy of MGTOW: if you have those assets and you're still trying to impress women, for "validation," you're not an alpha. Most religions agree: if you're enslaved by your lusts, you're less than a man. And Wallace agrees with the basic premise: In reality relationships are associative mating. Women do prefer a man who is taller than them and makes more money, but that's all I have ever seen. Every study ever done has confirmed it.
  • Most European men are descended from just three ancestors.

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