Sunday, May 10, 2015

Dream cars, space-age dishes, and more

Boy Scout car show, Southampton, NJ. As you've guessed by now, classic-car shows are a New Jersey thing. Mexican-Americans love our golden-era cars (in Pixar's Cars, Ramón's a '59 Impala, one of my favorites); Italian-Americans like them a lot too. (South Jersey is actually rural, like Missouri except virtually everybody's Italian.)

Perfecto: '58 Chevy Biscayne, either mint or wonderfully restored. This was actually the lowest-budget sister of this line. Identical body to the Bel Air and very close to the high-end Impala but no "power" anything. A cheap utility car for farmers, et al.

Mopar, baby. From the same family as Christine, the '57 Chrysler 300C. Mike Torello's private car (his was black too), perfect because she's menacing-looking like that cop. Christine's persona's different; she's the sexy but seemingly wholesome '50s girl (who's a psycho killer).

'56 Lincoln Capri.

'59 Chevy El Camino.

Donna and Buffy, a Pomeranian-American Eskimo mix (perfect together), which is why the dog looks like a big Pom. Donna grew up with a collie-golden retriever mix almost just like her, with the same name.

Buffy the Wonder Dog. She was good, very protective; once bit a foolish boy who climbed the fence into her yard.

This is Karma, a long-coated German shepherd. I thought she was an Old German shepherd, the long-haired dogs found naturally in Germany and never developed as a breed. Breeders created the German shepherd from those, burdening that wonderful breed with health problems so they don't live very long (you see a lot of sad news stories about police K-9s having to be put down because of those problems). Karma's owner says she actually has a recessive gene found in regular German shepherds.

My new old space-age dishes. The astronauts captured people's hearts and imaginations. ("Star Trek" just riffed on contemporary culture, and it wasn't really about space and aliens, dig?) Yes, when you visit my home, you're halfway in the '50s. My place isn't a hoarder's haven, but, built in 1910, it looks like it's been lived in for about 80 years, with the furniture from around the '40s. (The past has a past.) And modern gadgets such as the one I'm using now. (Minimal; no iPhone, for example.) The space/atomic-age pieces do stand out. Ironically, that optimism about progress begat Vatican II. (Streamline the church like a rocket and it will be even better!)


  1. Yeah that was a wonderful car show we both went to in Vincentian nj. As john said nj is know for the car show circuit and everyone has fun at them. And the highlight of our day was seeing that dog which was close match to my old dog which had the same name as mine. And the car picture we are standing next to was s great car. And a friend of mine from bowling had his car there he does a lot of the shows.

  2. I think we had dishes just like those when I was growing up. Soooooo not my cup of tea, I must say. Not sure what *is,* besides Early Graduate Student with a Hint of Walmart. But space-age just seems way too cold to me.


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