Saturday, May 02, 2015

Fake love for sale, and more

  • MGTOW's Sandman: Selling fake love. Lots of good talking points here. For example, it's not just me: if you're beyond your 20s, pop music isn't really for you; it's a form of indoctrination. (One day in the summer of 1998 all I heard on the car radio was manufactured teenybopper music, and not even fun stuff like in the '50s; I stopped consciously following pop culture then.) Also, bah humbug: as Arturo Vasquez once observed, "All I want for Christmas is yoooooou" says the piped-in music at the mall. Don Draper: "What you call love was invented by guys like me, to sell nylons." Valentine's Day is about unloading last year's chocolate before it goes bad; Christmas at least in part a tax writeoff, selling off last year's inventory to make room for the new. All preying on people's unmet emotional needs. ("No girlfriend? Loser! Buy our stuff to fix that.") Agnostic at Face to Face would add: unlike today's cocooning, it was much easier to be social in the '80s; back then more people had real lives so they didn't care what pop stars look like as much as they do now. (Looks have always been important including in pop — Elvis was bigger than Roy Orbison — but he has a point.)
  • The left's burning cities. Like how the more liberal and "diverse" the Episcopalians try to be, the whiter and richer they get, liberal cities are the most stratified in social class, with a bigger gap between the rich and the poor, which Agnostic would partly ascribe to our "striving times."
  • Where grandparents go to die. Family and community are lifesavers; losing them causes senile dementia and other health problems.
  • "A woman should direct the new Wonder Woman movie." Yes, the new Wonder Woman is sexy as they all have been. (I liked the first season of the '70s show because, an homage to the comic book, it was set in the '40s.) An answer to this feminist article: I think someone at Takimag expressed it for me. This notion of a "strong female character" isn't strongly feminine but rather unrealistic, masculine really; most women aren't interested in kicking someone's ass in a physical fight nor are very good at it. It's a fantasy for good box-office: men like beautiful women, driving fast cars, and sock 'em action so combine things like that in a fantasy woman.
  • Pope decries "scandal" of lower salaries for women. Sounds ignorant of him. (See, I don't have to agree with him just because I'm Catholic.) It's been pointed out to me that this might be true outside the United States, but there's no pay gap here. Of course men and women make the same wages but women usually try to get out of the rat race (marry well and raise kids: the feminine dream) while men on average work longer and harder so their average pay is higher.

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