Thursday, May 21, 2015

Home truths about women, and more

  • Dear career women: Please stop throwing your ovaries in the garbage. Gavin McInnes via Kathy Shaidle. Women on average make less by choice; they'd rather go to their daughter's piano recital than work late. The rat race is awful: of course they want to quit when they get their MRS degrees. Wage slavery: marketed as female empowerment. (Keeping you on the treadmill; reminds me of George Carlin's "Stuff" bit.) Also, PUAs and the carousel: "Show me a society that hates virginity and I'll show you a society that hates children." Senior orphanhood (spinsterhood): it's not just for the autistic anymore (plus some people outlive their loved ones). Demographic suicide.
  • "Mad Men": If indeed Don went back to McCann and created "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing," the ending fits the opening credits to a tee. Matthew Weiner says he knew the show's ending all along. Smart, not sappy like Don just chucking his job and being a hippie bum (or in his case, a Beat, better than a hippie, like the "Route 66" guys; about 10 years after the Beat movement). Part of why Weiner's creation is superior television, whether you're a liberal like most fans or nostalgic like me.
  • Dorothy Day's legacy. Politically naive but a good person. Why are the US bishops so hyper to get this woman canonized? Don't we have any other persons who lived in this country who are worthy of sainthood? What about Solanus Casey, Audrey Santos, Demetrius Galitzin, et al.? The bishops seem so intent to raise a left-wing social activist to the altars, maybe more due to her political perspective and trying to tie it into the face of the church in this nation? Desperate for the secular world's approval, which won't work. That said, Day was orthodox, even traditional in ways (a pre-conciliar lady), unlike her fans.
  • Banks fined more than $5B, to plead guilty to market rigging.

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  1. Abp. Gomez doesn't seem to be one to seek the approval of the left. He was an auxiliary bishop in my hometown for a while and struck me as a man of serious sanctity. I think one aspect of Dorothy Day that is very appealing to many who favor her cause is that she had an abortion, but repented of it and went on to pursue holiness. This could make her a model for literally millions of contemporary Catholics.


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